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Gaia was my first emotion_awesome
I just love it here. The site, the art, the avatars, the items, the community, my friends, Zomg...
Gaia has been my home for 9 years now and I have no intention of moving
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The people are what keep me coming back. They're fun to talk to and debate with, and there are so many active users, that it make communicating worth while.

There are also a wide verity of users, which makes it really easy to find people who share the same interests as me.
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Tiny Strawberry

I still get entertainment out of it, and there are still people dedicated to the site working here.
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It's a habit that I'm not capable of kicking I think. I like to read peoples' thoughts and maybe see some creativity that I wouldn't see if I didn't have this site in my life. I feel like I've never given color coordination, texture, style, shape whatever, more thought in my entire existence as I have while being on this site.
It's also one of my only draws away from science/ engineering, and I tend to meet only people in my field irl, so it is nice to see that there are people with different interests on here. It gives a very different life perspective sometimes.

I'm not sure what it means to support. I've not spent $$ on here, and I've got adblock turned on. If anything it is more likely that I'm leeching, not supporting mad
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I don't have much of a reason to be here other than lurking forums and playing dress up. emotion_c8
I rarely socialize with people on this website.
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the community...
i mean i am not the active GCDer i once was... nor am i nearly as rich but the community keeps bringing me back.. idk why.. but i think its just the fact there are so many of us who are just like a giant family now and its nice to be able to use this as a 365 family reunion! biggrin
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the need to complete my perfect attendance achievement u__u
just until june 25th and then i won't have to worry about it anymore ...
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they keep making cool stuff to play with. Though my level of support has declined noticeably, i still mess with my avatar every day and respond in a thread or two, and maintain my resource thread.
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Gaia is just the best avatar site, imo.
The items are great. The bases are great.
And there's the forums on top of that which are nice. And there are plenty of interesting people here to talk to to keep me coming on.
But even without talking to people, I come here to dress up.
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          Gaia avatars are so easy to customize, the amount of items is continuously expanding so I'm more than happy to support the site for that alone. Gold is fairly easy to make, the forums are pretty active and I like that the staff engage us and listen to our feedback.
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Great site for me and my SO being flirty while at work.
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Many reasons, including, but not limited to:

Gaia was how I was introduced to the internet.
Gaia gave me a chance to develop my own personality
Gaia sparked my interest in computers, and set me on my career path
Gaia allows me to interact with people from around the world, without having to have met them in real life or on a Facebook game.
Gaia is home to me and many of my friends. I couldn't leave even if I wanted to.
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Dressing up dolls and then drawing them is fun.
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I don't consider a game completed until I've explored every area and collected every possible item. I may be here for a little while longer...

Seriously though, I just really enjoy the site. It was the first internet site I really got into and the only one that really held my interest. Before that I'd only been going on sites that had downloads for/discussion about a particular game I used to play and someone on one of those sites wanted Gaia referrals(they were worth doing at the time), so I signed up and got hooked and here we are almost ten years later.

The artwork is beautiful, the topics are interesting, there's always people to talk to...Many of the staff are ex-users, so they care about the site and understand that the users care about it too. I dunno, there's just something about it that made me fall in love. emotion_kirakira

+++The usual line about friends and such applies too.
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Considering the direction the site has been going lately, especially in terms of pretty stagnant item creativity, I've been asking myself the same question.

Why do I keep supporting this site? I dunno. I mean, I do enjoy my time here, but not nearly as much as I did even two or three years ago. I've been losing interest lately, which sucks, because I used to have a pretty good time here. I think I'm here mostly out of habit now. I think, honestly... and I'm saying this with 100% truth... if the items that get churned out every month continue to feel varied and fresh, I might actually want to dive back in and support the site more.

As it is now, I feel like I shouldn't give my money to a site that's giving me the same old, same old no matter how many times I and many others have expressed boredom and disinterest in stagnant item themes and colors. Seriously, if not for the friends I've made here, I probably would've left sooner.

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