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I really like the SD chibi avatar bases we have here, even after all this time; I rarely equip anything that changes the base because I think the base is just so cute. whee

I have made good friends here over the years, both in the forums and in guilds. Sometimes friends get caught up in real life stuff and have to take a break from Gaia for a while, but I'm here when their lives slow down enough that they can return. blaugh

I enjoy participating in Gaia's calendar of events throughout the year. Xmas wouldn't seem as festive to me if it didn't include caroling in NPC shops, know what I mean? sweatdrop I also like earning Achievement icons and titles I can equip underneath my avatar. Yes, I really do update them every time I change my avatar. 3nodding

Even after all this time, I am still creating enough new outfits for my avatar that I wish I could buy even more closet storage slots. xd I look forward to MC day every month with almost as much gleeful anticipation as Rina does, and I comb through the RIG lists to see what items will work with my avatar style. I also keep a close eye on the REIs, although only half or so interest me these days.

I also enjoy being part of the larger community of Gaia. Even during times when I just lurk, I identify with the Gaian community. It's my home online. User Image
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User ImageI'm legally obligated to support Gaia. It's in the terms of the divorce settlement.

(No, not really) ^^

Most of the close friends I had on here have moved on, and the new items that come out rarely interest me any more. I still enjoy events, but I think mostly I come here out of habit.
All my friends have quit. crying
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I stopped around the time Kottan Bell was still in cash shop.

I haven't spent actual money on Gaia since then. I didn't feel that it was logical to support a site that probably won't be around forever. Especially, when I don't have a lot of money to throw around in general.
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the manga...it needs finishing (yeah, good luck to me...) sweatdrop
...i need closure...(i'll accept any ending, no matter how other people think it's dumb or copied from somewhere or whatever...)
...and so many questions still left unanswered...

but first and foremost, the people i have met here have become quite dear to me... emotion_bigheart
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Things I enjoy best are the Guilds I belong too, zOMG!, Monthly Collectibles, EI, and some REI, I don't like the Chance items much anymore if I really want a item out of one I will end up saving gold for it and refuse spending real money on chances, I like chatting with my friends if they are ever on which most are in school etc for now, I will try to have a break sometimes but end up coming back, just can't leave it fully and like trying for some of the achievements on here if feel like it, I guess I just love Gaia as being a place I can come on and play that tries to cheer me up when I'm feeling a little down, I refuse to use Facebook now but love zOMG! and blackjack etc the original Gaia type games I like best not the other apps that require real money for some things, I rather love exploring and earning a little gold for my avi, I'm willing to spend a little for a item that I can keep for my avi but not for the games, Most of my friends I first had on Gaia have left gaia also so am mostly by myself but don't have the will power to leave a site I really like a lot.
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i am here coss i love dressing up my gaia avatar and thats all sweatdrop
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Friends are literally the only reason I'm here.
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Slick Southpaw
Friendships, guilds, avatars, bitchin bout lack of body hair and snakes cool

I still enjoy the site a lot, even if I'm frustrated by some of the actions executed.

That about says it..except instead of me bitching about lack of body hair and snakes, it reading you bitching around body hair and snakes heart

OP: I love doing my avi..it keeps me drawn in. And of course I have friends on here and I love the forums. It gives me something to do after work!
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Boredom, a place to hang out and be social in the forums/guilds, my enjoyment from dressing up my avi with new shiny items, the occasional fishing game. Oh, and events... probably my favorite of Gaia activities.
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I came for the avatars, items, and creativity, and I stay for those reasons, plus Gaia is constantly active and updating, and because Gaia is probably the best site I visit, and by best I mean the atmosphere.

Other sites I visit feel corrupt, and while Gaia isn't perfect, they're at least way better and nicer than places like deviantART. I just feel comfortable here and I feel the people in charge do things in a friendly, fun, and nice way. May just be I'm naive though, but ignorance is bliss I guess.

I also love art and most of the styles of the artists here, whether it is pixel or their 2D illustrations.
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The old friends, the avatar system and overall boredom.

Oh, also memories.
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I believe when I've answered this question before I focused alot on the interesting mix of people here. The people here are interesting and most often a little nerdy. In my real life I could never muse about my past love of jrock. There are fangirls here which I can relate to. I used to be that girl. Even if being an otaku is a part of my past being able to talk to other people who are still like that makes me feel less weird. There's alot of people that make me feel more normal and accepted here. I've had some friends here and they will leave but that's not a big deal. I've gone on one or two hiatuses since I've joined but it truly is boredom or even depression that brings me back. Gaia feels like an isolated place where I can talk about anything.
As for my avi, I used to change it alot and have only had a couple dream avis which I rarely quested because I was too busy making cuter avis with the stuff I already had. I've joined one other avatar site and seen or been asked if I heard of others but those avis and their various options weren't as cute or cool as gaia's. Gaia Online has the cutest and coolest stuff plus I've earned alot of stuff so I've already made the time investments to earn things. I've often tried to get myself "unhooked" when I'm really active by rationalizing tektek as a gaia methadone but you don't have access to all the perks of true gaia layering.
There are also the updates that I don't really pay attention to anymore because the advertizements/RIGS in the announcements got old. I have completely forgotten about MC day and don't know which EIs are evolving at what time. So, as far as the updates as concerned I'm always finding out a little down the road about new items or games. It took me quite awhile to play zOMG but I do enjoy it because it's a free MMORPG.
I also like my guilds even if i don't chat in them anymore.
I love the user shops and the community. Winning gaia gold or prizes always makes me feel awesome so I'm always trying to play user ran contests. It would be cool if gaia would organize more competitive forum based aside of the events (since many of the events involve forums).
I used to love the events but now I feel they are too time consuming for the reward or simply don't enjoy them anymore. I completely ignored easter which I normally would have participated in.
So, there's alot that keeps me interested in this website. I've thought I quit or didn't need it but that's part of it's charm because when you come back it's like nothing has changed since certain parts of the site are constant even if they are modified a bit.
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on top of that, it's not too bad a place to escape when I get to much s**t for looking like a girl.
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I'm most interested in the events, item collecting / avatar creating, and mini games (when they work!). I don't spend much time in the forums unless I'm bored, and have never been interested in the 'community' aspect (making online friends, etc) - I always feel like I spend all day at work being sociable, when I manage to get an evening off I just want to sit in front of the computer being anti-social. xd
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I continue to support Gaia because it continues to provide me the opportunity to make people my art slaves for virtual currency.

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