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Cluttered Kitten

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Consistent item updates. Events. Friends. Creativity put in everything. A very sincere & caring staff.
The option to create characters & stories.

Combine all those with my love for pixels & dolls (avatars). That's exactly why I'm here.
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Beloved Lover

User ImageI'm legally obligated to support Gaia. It's in the terms of the divorce settlement.

(No, not really) ^^

Most of the close friends I had on here have moved on, and the new items that come out rarely interest me any more. I still enjoy events, but I think mostly I come here out of habit.
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Interesting Gaian

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[[Friends and roleplay. I was here when Gaia was a tiny site. If it ends up going back to being a smaller site with a smaller community...I will still be here. This account may be fairly new, but I have been on Gaia for a long time. As long as there are people who wish to RP with me, I will be here]]
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Hygienic Ladykiller

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I was absolutely in love and obsessed with everything Gaia for the first two years that I was online because I was up to date with the items, the stories, zOMG, and I had a lot of friends that I would talk to on a daily basis, and that i've even met. For the other two years, i've been gone and I just recently came back the beginning of this month to catch up on some things. My friends are now gone and zOMG has lost its luster, so the only explanation I have it out of sheer boredom.
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I'm here to kill time when I'm not busy. I make pretty avatars and post in the forum.

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Kawaii Striker

I enjoy dressing up my avatar
and browsing along the site
I've also got friends too

Gaia's a lot more active in the forums section then other sites
but of the sites I donate to, they're usually due to item reasons
Also it's nice to know that my donations are keeping things free for others
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Fluffy Wolf

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I still feel like it's mostly out of compulsion. But I do still enjoy coming here, especially for the events. I think that's really what's keeping me around.
Nostalgia, LOL.


Most of my friends have moved on.

I just don't have the time anymore. Life's kinda swept me away, unfortunately.
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Cheery Scrooge

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My selfish reason is that I want to be the best. Economics is a super interesting topic to me, so I love to exploit the hell out of Gaia's and...I hope to be the richest Gaian ever.

My less selfish reason is...I like to talk to people and have fun.
~King Awesome
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Loyal Gaian

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Friends are literally the only reason I'm here.
Your signature is awesome.

I don't know. I give myself reasons to stay.
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Aged Gaian

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I literally stick around to see what they do next.. I like watching the website change itself, it key demographic and general feel of the community here but bottom line.. I like watching the pixels evolve.

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Because I in some ways grew up with this website. It's my internet home! I've had a lot of fun here, learned a lot, and had a lot of good friends pass in and out on this site. Gaia has also helped me through some stressful times by giving me something enjoyable to focus on.

I'll never quit completely. Perhaps I will take hiatuses or log in less frequently, but I'll never seem myself leaving forever. It'd be kind of like throwing away your favorite childhood teddy bear.
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The avatars and forums. <3
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Icy Prophet

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I basically grew up with this site. Been on here since I was in middle school. What really keeps me around is the enormous sense of community we have here in the GCD and with the staff.
Besides, I absolutely love the items and the events we get. And as long as I am happy on the site I'll continue to put money into it.
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Conservative Noob

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I have been in this site since 2007 and I can see the "change" in my personality when I was still active and when I was not. Gaia made me very friendly.
I enjoyed customizing my avatar and talking with my friends here.
The community is also active and cheerful that makes me want to participate and support the site even more.

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