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Handsome Man-Lover

It was simply the first avatar site I ever signed up for. I'm pretty loyal, not to mention lazy...if I switched to a new site I'd have to work for all the shiny items again lol
And I stay because I know some people here.
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for 7 years.

D; we have a love hate relatioship me and gaia.

but weve almost been together 10.

its crazy how now that I have a family I still come online every now and then.

I feel like that little 16 year old girl. trying to make friends.

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Man-Hungry Ladykiller

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I'm not sure why I'm still here, actually. Maybe nostalgia and that I don't want to let go. Or maybe it's become I come here to chill and relax for a little while and take my mind off of RL by dressing my avatar, buying/selling stuff, playing HoC.
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Namius's Wife

Playful Lunatic

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Piiiiiiiiiixels. All the pixel items. I love them. And I love playing dress up. smile That's my totally shallow reason.
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Tipsy Gaian

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only 2 reasons left for me to stay. my gold and my look. but I feel a bit crazy lately asking myself why I stay here. I don't want this to happen to me, but it might.

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Beloved Foe

User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

I am here and support the site with feedback, my real money,
and web traffic and my time because it is my addiction. Even
if nobody talked to me, I'd still have fun lurking and chatting on
the forums, waiting for new items to be released and playing
around with my avatar.

That's seriously why I support it. It's for my own entertainment
and I like things that entertain me and take up my time.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Barton Nerd

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What still causes me to personally support Gaia?

The over nine years I've spent as a Gaian, The money I've put into Gaia, the friends I've made, my love of the NPCs and their stories, my excitement for every site event, ect.

Gaia is like my internet home. There is something very comforting and natural about logging-in. I have fun here even if I'm just doing something simple, like playing around with my avatar. I also like being able to help support the site by bringing web traffic (I turn off ad block whenever I'm on.) and buying GC. I'd love to see Gaia be able to continue on for another decade.

... Hey, it seems like the user above me supports Gaia for the same reasons I do. emotion_brofist
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I already spent so much ******** time here it would be a waist to just quit

so I come back once in a while
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Cheery Friend

Addiction and just the fun of making avatars. I've been with this site for 6 years, all throughout my middle school and highschool life and part of my college.
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Questionable Shapeshifter

Only place where I can cosplay and not get arrested...oops >_<
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Feral Girl

- It's fun and even when it's not it kills time.
- I love pixels and I love art! On Gaia I can buy both!
- If I didn't impulsively buy pixel items I'd probably go to the mall and impulsively buy real clothes and that's no good.
- It's a lovely little outlet and even if I can't summarize it very well, I really derive a lot of enjoyment from my time here. ♥
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Playful Sweetheart

    i choose Gaia over other avatar sites because i generally like the bases here more and i like most of the items here more than on other sites.
    and i like posting in the forums. sure, some avatar sites may have better, more close-knit forums, but if i don't like the avatars from the other sites that much, i might not post in their forums.. sweatdrop
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Durem Champion

The avatars. I've joined just about every avatar site I've heard about and none of their avatars compare in my opinion. I could say friends, but I hardly ever talk to the people on my friend list. I have social anxiety issues. gonk
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playing dress up
my interests and the majority of this site dont line up so i keep my serious discussions for other places

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