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lol oh, i feel 'appreciated' with being accepted into club verge. there's no real way to say "thanks for supporting us!" quite like telling us to buy more and more expensive items with rl cash.

but in all seriousness? i felt more valued when reapersun was more prominent on the site. she dedicated to making awesome items and even more awesome pictures/comics but lately even that has faded away.

in short, nothing makes me feel valued anymore on here... in fact, i want to quit fairly soon because of it. i feel like that connection i had with gaia (think back to the olympic event with those awesome lanzer comics and the GCD always did remixes of the comics). it's a true shame that i just don't get the same feeling anymore.

even with the comics! i used to love the story line of gaia and i used to be a proud member of durem before they stopped caring about all of that to focus on selling items. i'm just really deflated about this whole sudden change...
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Stuff like the freebies we get from artists C: they don't need to do them, but they do so, I'd like to think it's because they care about us and want to see us happy <3 I also felt very "valued" when they seemed to worry about inflation and the like, when they seemed to care about the "balance" O: I don't know, it's hard to say, I feel our staff tries, the artists clearly do, as well as Uncle Kenny, I feel it's the people we don't see that don't care XD
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The thing that makes me feel most valued as a member of this site is running an art shop, but that has nothing to do with the staff (except in that they let us have them--TinierMe banned them for a while once; that was awful).

The artists on the site, who do all the art for events and shop updates, are clearly working very hard. They're getting paid to do their jobs, of course, but it's hard to make art when your heart isn't in it. Beautifully down site artwork that everyone can enjoy for free, freebies like Viviette mentioned, those are lovely reminders that the user experience is still a priority (at least for the artists).

The devs make me feel loved, too. What with all the constant bug fixes and extreme approach-ability they possess.

And Sisky. Her ability to keep calm and constantly be friendly impresses me greatly.

Lastly, the humor utilized in announcements has always been something I liked about Gaia. Yeah, not all of those announcements are great news, but I like the delivery.

I think that focus on the development of other areas of the site that aren't directly connected to GaiaCash would give me the idea that gold-users or those who don't donate and pay to play (e.g. sponsors) are still valued in this community.

Perhaps if Gaia offered something to enhance the forum experience beyond being able to change the colour of your header bar. If there was an opportunity to truly submit input, ideas, suggestions, and even just the occasional "I love this thing you're doing!" would create a marvelous flow of ideas and well-roundedness.
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I would say friends that I actively spend time with on Gaia, involvement with Gaia and really feeling like a part of the community that matters but... I really don't feel that way any more. I don't feel the immersion or involvement that I once felt.

I think what keeps me around is nostalgia.

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