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I think the most common answer would be: simplicity. Simple or common names are highly desired by users because that's what they refer to themselves as, like dave or alice or babycakes.
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Simple names are nice. I also like seeing creative names without numbers or symbols. Anything with the words "demon, angel, neko, or chan" turns me off slightly.
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Almost any username involving the letter x, underscores, or anime references annoys me. If the person's username reflects the avatar as a cosplay, that's fine by me. But most usernames with anime annoy me. Plus, if a name just looks weird, I dislike it. emotion_yatta
Here is an example of my nightmare username:

See what I mean? rofl
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I usually like two worded ones. They're usually the most easily remembered for me. I dislike toilet humored ones.
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As long as it isn't spammy or full of numbers.

I like ones that conjure up a mental image (not the sick sexual ones) like "Glass Carousel" (who posted earlier) is such a pretty picture in my mind. :> Names like that are desirable to me.

Ones that fit really well with the design of the avatar are really awesome too, whether it's a realistic first and last name or just words that reflect the theme, it's good when the avatar and the name complement each other.

I try to keep a general theme that somewhat suits my usernames (e.g. this one I keep to slightly darker, bloodier themes). :] I like to design characters, when I make an avatar i'm imagining how the character would act.. backstory.. etc. It's madness.

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I actually dont like the 'x's but I accidentally changed my username once and Ive had LipMae as my user name my whole life practically. XD so I know there are others that do that... o_o
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My own accounts are for the most part character names. This one's a pet-name.

I do have exceptions to the rule, such as one of my mules, 'inexplicable hat'.

I feel like the lower-case adds to the image of a hat that simply appears in an ostensibly inconvenient and unexplainable place.

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