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I believe usernames can be desirable from many different factors.
A TV show, fictional character, celebrity, their own name, or just what interests them and what's popular.
People will seek unique names no matter what site they join in. Shorter usernames with no numerical characters or symbols might be a cause.
Some people prefer longer ones with "decorations". So really, the answer to your question could go on and on. There's no finite answer.
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I've had lots of people come up over the years saying they wanted my username.

There's probably hundreds of starshines out there now, so it doesn't feel unique anymore, even though I was the first xd
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I have always loved this name and have never changed it, since joining in 2003. I am a big fan of Escaflowne and well I am not good at making decisions so I wanted to have something easy to remember
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I guess people tend to like the shortest name possible (kudos to you guys with only 3 letters/numbers in your name!), or the simplest word possible like Wolf, Cloud, etc. I would've loved to have gotten the username Wolf emo

Why did I choose Enchanted Blue? Pffft, hell if I know! I keep settling on this Divided Stars outfit so I'm pretty much stuck with teal/purple. I should just be Enchanted Purple... :l Nahh.
Names that are short and sweet, or just seems funny to me tend to always catch my attention.
I guess names that overly used aren't really my cup of tea.

And, good job on the name. I like it!
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      People seem to be fond of the brackets in my username, since you can't use them anymore.
      If I had a penny for every n00b who thought I was an npc, well... I'd have lots of pennies.
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In my case, I named this account after the Cobalt Blue tarantula- in my opinion the most beautiful one. People have a hard time remembering/typing out my name but I just tell them to call me Livid, Haplo or something.

You wouldn't catch me dead using a name with -chan, -sama, kawaii, neko, kitsune, shadow, demon, ect.

But some people manage to work some of those words in a username without it looking goofy as hell.

I miss it when punctuation was allowed in usernames.
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Shadowy Scarface

Mine's not all that original, but it's what I use pretty much everywhere else. Minus the spaces. Obviously it's from FFX, which is my favorite Final Fantasy game. The 'X' is just a further nod to the game.

All in all I think my username at least looks fairly clean, and easy to remember, if not a little exhausting with all those spaces to type. XD
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when it can easily be read the wrong way wink wink
I like a variety of things in usernames, I don't think I like something more than others.
Whether it's short or long,it doesn't matter much to me as long as it's memorable. Same with underscores and numbers.. I don't mind. After all..it's just a username. Sure,it's nice to have an original one, but what more are you going to get out of it other than the occasional praise?
I like lyrics,sayings, anything really..as long as it's memorable. :3
If you post enough, or keep your avatar, your username could be anything for all I care.
the only things that turn me off are usernames like xX_Kawaii_Girl_13_Xx
i mean that speaks for itself

for me, it's a combo of the username and avatar that seal the deal cool
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So, my Question to the you people is: What makes a Username Desirable, or not?


I'm also going to be answering my Question!

For me, one of the reasons why certain usernames appeal to me, is because they generally consists of 5-8 letters, long usernames would give TONS of possible nicknames for that particular person, so it would be hard (For that user) to find content said about them through the forums.
I don't like usernames that have '_, -, [, ], or random numbers in them, because it just looks messy, same goes for capitolized usernames. So pretty much clean is the real deal.
I don't really mind un-original overused usernames like 'Kitsune', 'Chibi', 'Demon' or 'Ninja'. It can be a little hard when you refer to a certain person with an overused username. xD

Using these perferences, I picked THIS particular name for my account.



gaia_spoons So what do you find Desirable (or not) in a username? gaia_spoons
gaia_spoons I recently changed mine, what are your thoughts on it? gaia_spoons

My own user name is a combination of my nickname and a name that I've loved forever (Mackenzie)- I actually use it as my writing name as well .

I find user names with puns and play on pop culture, desirable. I don't find names with those over used words - "chibi" "demon" or "ninja" cool - I too think they're overused.
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It's my coder name.

      People seem to be fond of the brackets in my username, since you can't use them anymore.
      If I had a penny for every n00b who thought I was an npc, well... I'd have lots of pennies.
Really now? I don't get on often, but now I feel special with my double brackets! :]
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Kawaii Phantom

I enjoy humorous and thought provoking user names.

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