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Sparkly Smoker

My avatar, I suppose.

You can't come back if you've never really left. IHAVENOLIFE. crying
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Dapper Elder

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My friends who I Skype with a lot. We play zOMG mostly because that's how all of us met.
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

It is basically akin to clockwork for me.
If I don't turn my computer on in the beginning of my day, in the middle of getting
ready for work, click on the firefox icon, type in 'ga' hit down arrow, enter and then
log into Gaia... I don't know.

I'm off off kilter for the rest of the day.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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irori's Spouse

Quotable Prophet

and people.

gaia is so large, it's simple to find people with similar interests here.
even when your interests keep changing. hell, i met my best friend on gaia.

..and then there are pixels.
i so love them pixels.
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It's a great waste of time. Sad but true x)
I normally take really long hiatus' from this site, mainly because other things call me away.

I came back this time mainly because I got bored one day. And the collection of items I have gained through being back.
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Distinct Warlord

Lately I'm in hiatus due duties, but also of lack of interest. Still, I check often just because of the items rather than the community here.
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Devoted Hunter

Well, when I was younger I donated cash, so to abandon something I invested money on is preposterous. I also would like to try to hoard and vend into the millions, just for fun. Motivation: boredom and the ability not to leave money behind. Lol!
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Friendly Cultist

I like making avatars too much. They're so fun.

I've been here on and off since 04. There will be like 3-4 month time periods where I never log on and then one day it's like..oh, hey, Gaia. Missed youuuuuu.
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Distinct Explorer

Definitely not the users or Diedbitch, that's for sure....
The only thing keeping me coming back and staying here... The fictional side of Gaia, the npcs( not Diedbitch), the plot potential, the view into the Gaia world and character events and character stories through different venues
It's fun
Its becoming a habit I just love the games lol...
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idk but it needs 2 stop
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My avatar is cool and all, but I think the main reason I keep coming back is for the friends I have made here.

Even so I can feel myself slipping... I wish I could find something to guarantee my staying here. I haven't found that yet ):
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Forums, friends, zOMG!, and pretty items. The items inspire me sometimes as I'm an artists and designer.
I like how customizable it is, compared to a lot of websites. I used to love making my profile themes, I really want to start doing them again. Gives me and excuse to learn flash profiles.

It's nice to be able to go on a lite mmo, talk about cosplay, lolita, discuss fashion, food, healthy living amongst other things. All in one place too.
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I started gaia in 5th grade im graduating highschool in 2 months. check every 2 years so yeah

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