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Sparkly Shounen

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Those black or white leather belts.

They stop so many skirts and trousers looking weird!
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Tiny Noob

Jesus Christ! You guys! All your suggestions are in the millions for basic items. emotion_facepalm

I'd say all starter clothes just because they fill in gaps, and they have the best shoes that actually fit on the feet without turning or binding them.

All colors of the leggings in Gambino Outfitters.

The bustiers and cinches in Global Imports. Well, at least feminine dressers. (I don't know how to put this, I really mean no offense in anyway to anybody)

A classy bow tie from H. R. Wesley in your favorite color. For those times when you need to be a little bit classy. emotion_awesome

A dress or suit to go to prom in.

Grunny Egg, because Diedrich,
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Obsessive Cultist

Masquerade. Just so much useful stuff in a single item.
And Agape, ofc.
Jesus Christ! You guys! All your suggestions are in the millions for basic items. emotion_facepalm

Hey, beautiful makeup and flirty eyes should not cost an arm and a leg. gonk
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Demonic Abomination

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Grunnies !! Grunnies for everyone! biggrin
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Princess Healer

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Masquerade. It's very versatile and I have yet to take it off ever since I bought one. whee It has lip, blush, eye shadow, sparkles, etc. Very useful.^^
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Big Member

Sainte Ciel Agape and Masquerade, those are the most versatile items.
And I also find myself wearing either Reve Rouille or Marin quite often.

EDIT: Also the gardening bandanas in the gold shop.
When I didn't have Agape to crop the hair, the bandana did the trick,
and you can layer it with pretty much anything. heart
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Beloved Perfectionist

some form of tattoo item. they are just so versatile
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Rainbow Tycoon

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Agape scissors and maybe masquerade.
Some kinda makeup item.
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Demonic Senshi

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That's a hard thing to ask because, in the end, that's dependent on the taste of the user. Personally, you can't go wrong with owning several colors of an item, several types of accessories and shoes, and so on.
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Prodigal Pants

Simple, useful stuff:

Card Shark bands
Long Drag
Talsi's Sash
(Color) Wool top (layers under most everything)
Blade/Elegant Snowy/Santa Baby leggings
Neutral Starter Urban Girl Pants (they are the perfect length for layering)
Great Old One
Demonic Anklets

Expensive crap worth the price (IMHO):
Stage Makeup
Case of Pietro
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Hygienic Cutie-Pie

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midnight rainbow for the lips, masquerade though i rarely use the make up but i love that eye sparkle, any of the rosamund undergarment for the cleavage and agape for the scissors.
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Smitten Pumpkin

Well, staples for me include Oculus Magica, Oculus Mythica, Superior Form, and Uncanny Form (that last one on another account). I'd love to see them used more. The "dead doll" skin from Superior Form is great and I use it often. The Assorted Contact Lens Set is awesome as well. These are all fairly inexpensive.

I know that, for many Gaians, pets and "I am" poses are favorites--especially kitties. heart

And I'd say skins in general are fun to play with.

But some of the most versatile items are the cinches, reversible bracelets, and reversible hair pins.
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Girl-Crazy Bear

any face item
angelic manner, demonic style, oculous magica/mythica etc
just because having different faces are great
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Magic Glitch

I think a lot of the EIs are really useful! Especially the bigger ones, ex: Zodiacal, Compass of Seidh, Case of Pietro, Gogh Reed, Reve Rouille, Masquerade.
Some of the REIs have very useful poses too: Agape (of course), Rosamunds (for the lingerie, if nothing else), Lucie for the make-up.

But really, I think everyone should just be a hoarder like me and never sell anything ever. :B

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