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A DrinkyTengu item... whether they know it or not. emotion_awesome
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Sainte Ciel: Agape and Lovely Lucie for every female out there. SO USEFUL. heart

And beyond the reach of most females here. You might as well be saying "Let them eat cake."
Yeah, the prices of those items have gone crazy over the past year or so.
But I'm not saying everyone should buy one, I'm saying everyone should have one.


Lady Aeducan
Ciel I'll agree with (only for the haircutting bit), but both Little and Lovely Lucie are pretty ick on the whole for me.
Trust me, the makeup and lashes in the lovely lucie is fabulous. It can (like the SC:A scissors) create whole new eyes!
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The Flame shirts and pants...

The ocean tops...

best items EVER! rofl
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I was going to post those three items as well, for the same reasons C:
Saint Ciel: Agape for the scissors, Little Lucie for the "Empty Eyes" and Lovely Lucie for the "Flirty Eyes", both of the Lucie eye mods can completely change the feel of the eyes, I usually use the one from Lovely Lucie (with hairstyles that cover the lashes) to make the Oisin/Cerynitian look "upset" or "annoyed", and Little Lucie's make most eyes look gloomy, I'm a head items junky so those three are in my "everyone should own" list XDDD I also think everyone should have a premium set of eyes and smiles~ it just gives your avatar more expressions C:
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Everyone should have at least 4 different types of skins in their inventory at any given time.
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Everyone should have basic gold shop commons. Wool shirts, skinny jeans, basic skirts, leather belts and the like. You need a base to put all those shiny items on.

As for the shiny, I can't really recommend a single item that works for everyone. I guess I would say when you find that perfect item make it your own so that when people see you they say "Hey! it's that dude/chick. The one with the____."
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I believe all Gaians require a towel. Partly because it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth; you can lie on it; you can sleep under it; use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough
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Lady Aeducan
peasant gloves

and i think most everyone has them.

i love them so much <3

lol I agree. Pretty simple and ratty looking...but often they'll really help tie an avatar together. I remember using them almost all the time when I started out because of that.

i've loved them since i started and here i am 9 years later still wearing them.
pretty much any time i have black/dark colors in my avatar i am wearing them.
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User Image
I can't think of any specific items. Honestly, peoples' styles are so diverse here...
I wouldn't want to make anyone have any type of one certain item.

I would definitely recommend that people own a good mix of gold shop & CI items though.
Really, it's just fun mixing things up & giving all types of items-- cheap & expensive-- a try.
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Owning at least one old semi-expensive item.
Shiny new detailed froo-froo is overrated sometimes. Let's see some older & duller pixels.

edit: And for the record I hate all the Saint Ciel, Lucie, and Blessing items. Rosamund is ok though.
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Card Shark Bands

Other than that, I think everyone should have a good mix of gold shop commons and cash shop items.
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in general ( since anything specific i'd suggest would be wholly unpopular coughcoughdiaperedegghorns ) i would say to work your way up and buy a decent selection of wigs and eye / face mods that interest you. also, definitely stop at barton jewelers and stock up on small accessories, because little things like earrings, glasses and whatnot will give extra oomph to an otherwise dull avatar!
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I am not comfortable dictating to (or being dictated to by) the masses, and I know my style is unusual these days; I avoid body mod poses and nearly always keep the same eyes and hair. I am also not a fan of lace, frills, or pink. sweatdrop

That said, there are a few items I am often surprised not to see on more avatars. The Woven Blazers, for example. They are cheap, simple, appear in some great colors, and have a very nice simple style. The Buttoned Down Boots fit in this category for me, too. They keep to the avatar's foot shape but don't look too blobby; they also have that nice detail of gold buttons. I think more females should use the Thistle Blouse; it has some great colors and can add subtle pizzaz to an outfit. Ume Blossom Hairpin is just about perfect, too; it boasts great color and placement, and it works for a ton of female avatars, although I can see why those with a male avatar would give it a miss.
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Equine Broseph.

'Nuff said. emotion_donotwant
Just bought mine. I'm all set! emotion_brofist

I'd have to say anything in black or white. And whoever said peasant gloves is totally right. I still find them useful to this day to finish off almost any look.
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Elf ears. I don't understand how anyone can go without a pair. They were the first thing I ever quested for and when I switched from being flesh coloured to the white body dye, I waited for the day admin to release white ones to match.

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