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Masquerade! I feel like it's absolutely necessary, and anyone, no matter the avatar style, could make use of it. I almost feel dirty if I'm not using it. Get a masquerade, everyone.

Also, superior form. Not because I particularly like it, but just because it's a great little pack of alternate skins that really come in handy.
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Lovely Lucie and Secret retreat; lips and abs. smile
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I've found that my white body dye has been the single most useful item in my inventory.
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Without rudeness intended, I find it a bit silly.
Chances are the item I would suggest most people would dislike.
Everyone has their own style, and I do not believe everyone
should have an item I would suggest.

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I am in agreement with others, I think agape scissors and masquerade should be passed around to all. Those are the only items I can think of that can be used in a very large number of ways, beyond other items.
Also maybe other makeup items like maquillage or stage makeup but they are more used in certain circumstance, extremely useful in many different types of avi but not as widely usable as agape and masquerade
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Micro miniskirts. Be proud of your gams!
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Everybody needs a Case of Pietro
that EI was beautiful; it's full of hair,
face mods, body mods, backgrounds,
blood, and everything else you'd ever need emotion_kirakira
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The items that immediately pop into my mind are from a more bygone era of simple matching... but... are still great items to have. o wo

wool shirts
egyptian anklets (need moar recolors)
leather belts
Some face mod of some sort: eye patch, glasses, nose ring, scar, tattoos, etc. The masquerade and such makeup and face mod items that everyone is listing is pretty much a necessity nowadays. Throw an interesting face onto a s**t outfit and you still leave with a great avatar. Have a s**t face on an interesting outfit and you've still got s**t.

Oh, and Sayoran's Goggles. It was one of the first sponsor items and it's still one of the best. Great accessory.
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If I knew what items ought to be used I wouldn't look like this. My opinion is that everyone should have a Jack's Disgust, but I can see how the masses couldn't pull it off.
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Masterpieces. The skin is just amazing for the price it is.

And yep, many eyes and faces override the eyes and mouth it comes with. Mouths alone aren't useable. But it's a must if you don't want shop skin.
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Sainte Ciel: Agape and Lovely Lucie for every female out there. SO USEFUL. heart
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Sainte Ciel: Agape and Lovely Lucie for every female out there. SO USEFUL. heart

And beyond the reach of most females here. You might as well be saying "Let them eat cake."
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peasant gloves

and i think most everyone has them.

i love them so much <3

lol I agree. Pretty simple and ratty looking...but often they'll really help tie an avatar together. I remember using them almost all the time when I started out because of that.

Sainte Ciel: Agape and Lovely Lucie for every female out there. SO USEFUL. heart

Ciel I'll agree with (only for the haircutting bit), but both Little and Lovely Lucie are pretty ick on the whole for me.
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Gonna get pretty basic and oldskool here but - Leather Belts and Cigarette/Long Drag.

They go with friggin' everything and always have/will continue to.

The Leather Watch is nice too, especially since it comes with four colors in one item.

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