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The title is self explanatory, but,

What items do you think everyone should have? What in your inventory is your go-to item? What items go with everything?

It could be a shops item, or the rarest RIG item, but you believe people NEED it for their many avatar making needs.

Maybe it's not something huge, maybe it's just something that ties an outfit together, or maybe it's the exactly perfect pair of shoes for everything.

What do you think the items are, that everyone should have?

Inb4 saint scissors.
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Everyone should buy Saint Ciel Agape
All females should have some sort of Rosamund's.
Midnight Rainbows Mouth.
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Everyone should have a angelic halo. rofl
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I, Gradient
Agape (of course)
a shirt/scarf/other item based on a town flag. (to show where your loyalties lie. emotion_omnomnom

Oh and a Principal Mills doll, duh. :3
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The white body dye is quite versatile.

Also, animated items that change avatar's colors would be amazing if the static pose could retain that property emo
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peasant gloves

and i think most everyone has them.

i love them so much <3
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I don't think there's all that many universal items. Everyone has their own style. There's a lot of things I use all the time that I don't see other people with.

If I have to pick, I'd say the Masquerade. It's got lots of little things to finish off an avi.
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          I would have to say Gogh Reed, Compass of Seidh, and/or Zodiacal. Possibly Case of Pietro and Modus Operandi too. Mostly because they all have a variety of poses and colors. Gogh/Seidh/Zodiacal for fantasy avatars, Pietro for realistic avatars, and Modus for both.
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I would say a Little Lucie, Masquerade, Case of Pietro and all the starter items.
Equine Broseph.

'Nuff said. emotion_donotwant
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If you reside in the GCD - whatever is newest at the time. wink

The Lovers for the cute mouth and makeup, The Lusty Scoundrel for the shine (a must in rally but it's been a staple for most of my avis since the item debuted), a Long Drag, and a set of Dark Elf Thigh Boots.
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Hard to say, but I think something like gogh reed or zodiacal, something with versatility.
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Shy Loverboy


a sainte ciel for sure. i cannot tell you how
much i love the scissors pose. <333 x o x

i think that another item that everyone must
own is little lucie for these eye close pose
thing. it just gives the avi more... personality.
masquerade is another one that i think a lot of
people could also use. white body dye is also
another item i would say is really really useful.

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Cigarette matches a lot of stuffs :p

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