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Crazy Pete is my buddy, we exchange trash every day emotion_awesome

I've recovered from collecting trash for caches, oh man, it wasbad, towns music was in my dreams.
Lately art has been my addiction. I can't seem to leave the forum, I am there almost my entire time on, not only posting in requests but also lurking in other subforums for no apparent reason x.o
I don't even lurk GCD anymore ;A;
Draconic Oni
Ninja posting. ninja
And reading forums when I should be sleeping. *ahermcough* sweatdrop
My profile counts on occasion too. When I update it, I work on it for several days to make sure it's just so.

Not fast enough ninja
I feel you on the profile obsession, I can spend hours on end trying to perfect it but it always ends up flawed anyway xD
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[[Evolving items. Not so much now, but when they first came out, I would have to own at least one, and I'd get so hyped up for them to change. I still like them, but I haven't really been able to afford any lately.]]
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Saint Sweetheart

nothing really. I've been very restless with gaia--nothing holds my attention nor interests me and I can't come up with an avatar I genuinely like and stick with for more than a few hours

I should revive my pixel minishop but I just don't have time for it anymore. It became more like work than fun too :c
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Invisible Phantom

Gaia's Forums are a way for users like myself to interact with other users. So, I find it much of the reason that I come on Gaia, because everyone on here has there own personality.
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Feral Girl

I play Gaia in obsessive bursts. whee

I was absolutely addicted to buying art for years but now I rarely go on art buying binges anymore. Sometimes I do exchange binges, and vending binges now and then but I have a very low tolerance for monotonously F5ing for very long. Same with booty grabbing, although I have reached the daily cap a couple of times when I had nothing else to do. I have to say like many people my Gaia addiction is CI's. For me, the most exciting aspects of Gaia are waiting for the new CI to be revealed, seeing the new items and losing gold trying to get them lol, and anticipating what the next CI will be between releases. c:
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Collecting things. Letters, EIs, RIGs, event items. Owning something that's limited in quantity is fun.
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zOMG. I love that game so hard
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I make an avatar, and then I'll create an entire OC out of the base. The base being just the hair and eyes, really- they change outfits (sometimes...) I will draw them, create stories for them, imagine their families and have them interact with each other- a few are even in lesbians with each other! redface

It's mildly embarrassing, but I can't stop. I'll even create mules to serve as one single character since my main is so varied.
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Uh.. I think the only thing I'm really obsessed with is fiddling with my avi, even if I don't save it. I don't really do much other than lurk and occasionally post (mostly sarcastic posts lol orz). I used to frequent the AF and doodle freebies, but I don't do that much anymore.

Moriarty was REAL!
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

Making new avatars and lurking the forums.
It's really all I do on here anymore but it is the thing that keeps me staying
here. Obviously new items too.. I am obsessed with new items. *Q*

Unless they suck.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Art emotion_kirakira
I just love collecting art of my avatars and various OCs. I haven't done very much this year yet, mostly because I have so many outstanding commissions.
So irritating to have so many open trades. Quite a few RL commissions are outstanding too.
And I haven't really found anything in the Art Shops. Everything is full or has just degenerated into a chat thread.
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Staring at my own avatar. redface
I'm too fab.
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Tipsy Reindeer

Changing my avatar. Seriously, this event made it really bad for me, since I was revamping my really old avatars and had a new one every day. Now I just can't stop fiddling with it.

Doesn't help that I love to just sit in my inventory and play with my items.
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Shy Gaian

I guess my habit would be Gaia in general.
For a while it was slots or blackjack. I got on just to play those...

I get on Gaia just to get on Gaia. Even if I'm not active on the site for the day, or the hour I still have my account on a tab!

It's terrible.

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