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Vxril is right. Slimeball works also.
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i stopped using the word and giving a s**t about them around....2005ish. hating on noobs, and defining what they mean just seems to be a noobish thing to do on the internet imo!!

Plus, the word itself tends to make you sound stupid for saying it. If I have to call someone a name at all, I'd rather call someone an idiot. That way, there's really no debate as to what I mean, and said idiot can't respond with, "LOLE IM RICHR DAN U UR DA N00B!!11"
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        My definition of a newb:
        -short for newbie.
        -someone who is new to a website/game/ect, and is willing to take advice from someone / politely ignore said advice and not have a raging fit at it.
        Ex: Oh, do you know how I can change my avatar?

        my definiton of a noob:
        -also known as n00b.
        -someone who may/may not be new and decides to throw a raging hissy fit at everyone.
        -thinks that they know how to do things better than everyone else (5 more points if they are new.)
        -uses 60+ emotes in their post to express their feelings

        wtf u wont trad me ur angelic scarf 4 my coraline eyes. u noob, this thing iz worth so much more then your stuupid scarf nd i thot id be nice
        to u and give u some gold. ive been here since 2001 and u kno wat, i dont want to be nice to u anymore. scream scream scream scream
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I would think that the term n00b is very different from the term newb. A newb is a newbie to the site, they generally have little to no gold and need help being shown around. A n00b can be anyone that acts in a manner that wouldn't be accepted in high society, mostly typing horrendously and abusing the caps lock button. They also use the emoticons too much, which isn't that bad but when there are emotions that don't need to be expressed, it gets annoying.
i just agree with what every one else has said...either way..as far as a newb goes..every one is at some point in tym..is nothing to make fun of...if your not a newb on gaia then on some site you are or will be..a noob, is just plain anoying....ignore them/block them/or whatever...
btw, my outfit costs under 10K and my name has #'s in it.....does that make me a newb? i mean i do have the ancient katana which is lyk 450K-500K in the market place right now...i also have plaenty of other collectibles and items and i cant get cash to help me...there are plenty of ways to get gold but that doesnt mean you have to sho it off...i dont
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I don't use N00b, I use idjit...
Well, when the 'idjit' breaks the rules and just keeps going they earn the 'N00b' title.

I tend to call people idjit's in my brain when their post is nothing but Text talk or misspelled words. If the Idjit is posting with Firefox, which actually has a spellcheck for the internet, they're an even bigger idjit.
For me the avatar means nothing, and so does the username. (Although a big gaping mouth + starter clothes does make me wary...) If that person can give a proper conversation without going into text talk and such they're a honored member of the Community.
... stare ... sweatdrop ....SHUT THE FUDGE UP NEWB, NOOB, N00B, UBNUB, NUB, NUBSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed stressed
anyone who asks you to give them 100k and Eis because nobody else will.
This is what i think:

All About n00bs
Hello, fellow adventurers. During your many travels through our beautiful land of Gaia, you may come across a very special and unique creature: the n00b.

The n00b is a remarkable creature as it disguises itself as a regular citizen of Gaia. This is the n00b's primary form of attack as it will allow the wily n00b to get quite close to you before inflicting damage. Luckily, their disguises are usually poor and can be identified as their armor may be several levels out of date. Also, the n00b disguise is based on a sad misunderstanding our common culture as their equipment may not reflect the job they are trying to portray.

Be careful not to confuse a n00b with a similar species known as the newb. Newbs can be distinguished from n00bs by their use of proper grammar and good manners.

A n00b can be identified by it's distinct call. This call can be heard from quite a distance as most n00bs seem to only communicate through /shout. If you listen carefully, you may be fortunate enough to spot a n00b.

Here are some examples of common n00b calls:

"PLZ can i hav sum goldz!!!"
"Sum1 buy my sword!!!"
"Ne girlz wanna ciber?!!"

Now, once you have identified a n00b, I must recommend that you stay as far away as possible. Unless you have a great deal of experience with n00bs, any interaction may be harmful to both your physical and mental well being.

If, however, you choose to interact with a n00b, this simple translation guide may help you. Here is a look at a simple conversation with a n00b including a n00b to english translation.

You>> Hello there. How are you?

N00b>> wow u r rich. Can I have goldz? (english: I notice that you have nice gear and wonder if you might be able to aid me in acquiring my own gear)

You>> No, no, good sir. I worked for my gold. You may not have it.

N00b>> but you gotz lotz!!! (english: I understand your feelings on the matter, but find it difficult to actually acquire my own goldz)

You>> I know, but I cannot just give you money.

N00b>> N00B!!! (english: apparently I am confused and think you may be a member of my species. Do you know Fred?)

You>> I apologize for the misunderstanding. I am not a n00b.

N00b>> STFU!!! (english: I am of a differing opinion and feel that it might be best if we agree to disagree)

As you can see from the above conversation, interspecies communication with a n00b can prove highly difficult.

In all interactions with a n00b, please take care to leave the n00b as you found it. Their social structure is quite fragile and any assistance you may provide may raise them to a new and dangerous level: the ferocious assault.
Thank you for your time. Remember: have your n00bs spayed or neutered
Stomach Bodies

when you post in the gd it's bound to happen.
i'm surprised i didn't say anything.

edit: a n00b is pretty much what mrsrachealsnape said.

newbie= new to gaia ....

noob= doesn't bother to read rules or care they broke it.

having an avi under 10k doesn't make you new sometimes people just want to look simple.


I agree with this.

The n00bs are the ones that run around asking for cybering, or begging for gold.
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Noob. A total d**k . Does not care about the rules and is very annoying . They usually have the I.Q of a rather large mango.

Newbie. Some one who is new to Gaia but can carry a decent conversation an does not type like this HIZZ CAN I HAZ UR GODLS AN DU U WANN BE MY GF !!??

You can be on Gaia for a long time an have lots of gold an items an you can still be A Noob.
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My definition of a noob is simple. An annoying person. Like a troll or a flamer.

A newbie however is different and is new to the site. Until I knew everything about Gaia and was on Gaia for about 3 months I considered myself a newb. For 2 of those months I thought that my avatar (Total cost 1402g) was the best avatar ever. Oh boy I was wrong

But back on topic - The GD are mean people anyway , but only in their home territory or when they are showing off. I knew some GD'ers in one of my Guilds and they were really nice. It suprised me when I found out they were GD'ers. Although they became GCD'ers so I don't really know. User Image
i would say tht a noob is a new player
A noob is someone who doesn't bother to read the rules, doesn't make sense of anything, and spams continuously. And a noob can have been here since 2003, there's no account age limit for them.
A newb is just someone who is new. They don't know much about Gaia, which is completely okay. They actually read the ToS, and the forum rules. A newb is usually someone who is less than 6 months old on Gaia/ It really depends on how long it takes for them to understand the site.

Notice neither actually have to do with how they look. It really depends on personality.

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