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      wow what a babe.
      my hair tends to change a bunch.
      i've been meaning to change my eyes.
      but im too lazy so eyemods it is~
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Dark skin, Vivid green eyes, and dark black hair - the hair style changes from time to time but currently it's a Hasu Bun. I've considered changing the eyes a few times based on whatever I'm wearing at the time, but so far I prefer to just use eye mod items instead. Also the Mole tends to be a part of my base most times cause I have a mole irl that I'm really fond of so I like my avi to have one too.
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So I had to actually go and check what my base eyes were. sweatdrop
this is my real base, it looks so naked without my skin/eyes/bruises.
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___________User Image___________
ѕσ, ι'м ωяιтιиg тнє fυтυяє; ι'м ℓєανιиg α кєу нєяє...

Oh base, how little you see the true light of day...
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I've had that hair/eye combo since they came out (respectively), since it's actually really pretty. I just don't use it lots ; m ;
I think I've changed eyes once when I was doing a just-for-kicks cosplay of Suu from Clover.
I pretty much have a few hair/eye mods that I use frequently so that I don't need to change the base lots. I see it lots though, since I play with my avatar every day.

ѕσмєтнιиg ωσи'т αℓωαуѕ вє мιѕѕιиg, уσυ ωσи'т αℓωαуѕ fєєℓ ємρтιєя...
________ ѕσмєтнιиg ωσи'т αℓωαуѕ вє мιѕѕιиg, уσυ ωσи'т αℓωαуѕ fєєℓ ємρтιєя... ________
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I wont say i have a default look but the salon hair & eyes i use depends on the avi im doing and if the eyes and hair have a nice feel with each other smile
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The Kirei eyes are just simply the best salon eyes ever
the placement, the size; just hrngh
Not sure why they're blue though
but if they weren't blue they'd be gray

The hair is because it goes with my tengu OC

User Image
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This and always this
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I've never changed my default and I never will
I can't bring myself to change it
Reminds me of the good ol' days
'06 all the way!
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I like my orc skin and red eyes but I usually wear different skin and eyes depending on my theme. The orc body looks big (not to mention the bigger boobs for the female) and it fits most of my armor perfectly. The red eyes make me look sinister so I like it.
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You're looking at it. Skin tone D, black shorthawk, and now sexy sideburns. Sal's eye beneath the Love Song ones are the Inquisitive Black. I've been meaning to change them to his proper blue ones.
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Kawaii Bunny

Mine are the smokey eyes in blue, and the hime hair in light blonde. The eyes are always hidden, and the hair is nearly always hidden.
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Girl's Boyish Brown and fierce brown eyes..I have changed before but always prefer shorter hair and those awesome fierce eyes. emotion_dowant
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This would be me.
User Image

I was unsure about this big hair when it was released, but since I tried it on everything else looks so... flat XD
And I absolutely love the dark elf skin + purple eyes + white hair combo <3
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My eyes and hair actually change very often because of cosplays, but right now it's Rebellious Teal (lite) with Vivid Eyes Orange(which is one of my favourite eye styles). Normally I have 'A' skin.
I think my favourite hair would be..Sukadu, Aero, or Blitz. 3nodding

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This was my default since I started. The eyes haven't changed even though I never use them because I'm a fan of wigs and item eyes. blaugh Recently, I did change the hair to what I'm sporting right now 'cause it's kinda cool. xp

Oooooh a pink link. blaugh
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i tend to stick to bases for aaaaages then change it up a load all of a sudden.
my old favourite was the chuu eyes in black and the midnight star hair in brown (which costs all of 675g wow i am a cheapskate)
but i also enjoy the inquisitive eyes in brown/grey/black and the long braid hair in brown/blonde.

currently it's this:
User Image
inquisitive eyes in brown, long locks hair in brown. i like brown.
bit funny how i went from a 675g base to a 16.5k one wow.
i love this hair but it makes it so hard to preview things in the mp ugh.

my base eyes never see the light of day (hmm i sense a pun or something there) but my hair sometimes does. i am admittedly super attached to my hair/face mods haha.

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