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Ignore how unrealistic it may be...

Tinierme just announced today that it will shut down in a month. It was completely out of the blue and a royal middle finger to everyone who has spent real money on their website. It doesn't bother me terribly since I've only had an account there for a year, and never got really involved. However, it did make me wonder... "What if that happened on Gaia"? What if one day they announced Gaia was closing in a month. Like Tinierme, they gave no reasons... Just said basically "OK, all done, the end... BYE!" What would all of you do? How would you feel?
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It could always happen. It will, one day. I suppose a lot of people will be enraged about it.. But I'd find something more productive to do with my time. :B
(That sucks though, luckily I never paid for anything on Tinierme.)
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Gaia's like AIG insurance - too big to fall. They'll get their bailout when the time comes. Just gotta keep buying those rig's.

As time goes on I'll probably be less dependent on the internet for entertainment, but it'll be a sad day for me.
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I wouldn't feel nothing because I never spent real life money on this site. lol
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As stated by someone before - it won't happen too soon. Gaia's too big and gets a lot of money from the users.
I, personally, would feel sad about Gaia closing down, cause Gaia is somehow a part of my life in a way, if you know what I mean - spent 5.5 years in here.
I have never spent a cent on Gaia, actually. First of all, back then when Cash Shop was introduced I was younger, and I even wanted to support Gaia, but there were no possibilities for me (as I live outside the US) to do that. Now I simply don't feel like spending my money on a site. So I wouldn't lose anything apart from the time on here.
It would be very sad for me.

It would be the end of an era in my life. When you've been on a certain site for almost seven years, you'll miss it when it decides to close up shop.

Plus I'd miss all the people here....well....a good deal of them. dramallama
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Confused & Sad
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I appreciate all of the views. *Smile*

For me, I have been here since 2003. Back when I started, I spent a great deal of money on the site. Several hundred, though I am not sure on the specific number. Nowadays I don't tend to do that. I'm less involved with the site and mainly just come to chit chat in the virtual hangouts. I actually wouldn't be sad about losing the money I invested. I see it as paying for a service. Like paying for playing an online MMORPG like WoW or something like that. But I would be disappointed. Because I've spent so much time here. It would simply be sad to see it go. As there are no other similar sites i would prefer to spend time on, I would likely never be part of an avatar community again. I would just stick to my Twitter and my Google Plus. I feel like there would be a tiny empty hole in my life... I wonder how long that feeling would last though.
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Bar the fact that it could become a pay site for memberships monthly to pay servers it could also become self regulated
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TinierMe was going down the drain, so I'm not as sad about it. I do regret buying GC but at least I bought it in moderation. It's a shame really because TM's graphics were beautiful but the staff just didn't know how to run the site.

On the other hand, I would be sad to see Gaia go down because the staff actually make an effort to maintain a relationship with their users, so I know it will have been their last resort.

I just wish Gaia had Sevens. emotion_8c
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why did you even post this
/explodes and rages and bombs everything on the internet

you dont even know what i would do
no i would NOT ge ta life
i would remain locked up for the rest of my life
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If that happens,It will like what happened on gonline. No warning at all...
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I would have a feeling that i wasted 6 years of my life. I have put real money into this site , and they intern ban me and i come back. This is my relationship with gaia , we are like bickering old married couples. So if one day my partner just up and leaves without so much as a ******** you i gotta say im gonna be pissed.

I don't see this happening anytime soon though. Luckily i was finally able to get into Tumblr and other social sites so when it does happen i won't be to " well ******** " over it.
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"I'm finally free"

seriously though, I''d be pretty bummed
I don't go on many other sites or talk to anyone on any others
maybe I should download and add people on skype just in case sweatdrop
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it would be bad like if facebook closes down just with less users

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