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Fluffy Girl

I don't like thinking about that because I honestly don't know what I would do. I only like this website. gonk
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Laugh as I watch the huge shitstorm that happens, and then laugh even harder when Gaia changes their mind to avoid the pitchforks at their door
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HUh. I think I would be devastated.
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Beloved Lover

User ImageThat would be very sad. I would miss everyone and my avatar too. I might be depressed knowing that all the things I worked for on Gaia were gone. It would be a little like losing all your belongings in a fire.

I'm not sure what I would do afterward, but I'm sure I would do something. Maybe I'd find another site to waste time on, or I could just turn my attention to other things.
They may shut my core down, but I will be waiting in the ruins of Aekea. Even as the memories of of this world fade, I will remain with a single spark: a hope of revival.

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Obsessive Werewolf

I would rage. I've probably given this site well over 700 bucks and it would piss me off if it all went down the drain xD

And then I would remember that I have tumblr.
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I'd be pissed that it disappeared after having spent years on the site. (I've been off and on since right before I turned 13)
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Do everything in my power to find out why and to keep it alive. xD
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Honestly, it wouldn't really effect me, i joined 8 years ago, so i've pretty much lost interest in Gaia already, i just log in from time to time when I'm extremely bored, I'm sure I'd feel different if i still had friends, but they've all left for good~ sometimes I'm tempted to come back and start an art shop and try and make new friends here, but i never get around to it >3>;
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Write more cheesy fanfic and probably get more academic work done.

Maybe be a little sad that I wasn't able to get contact information from a couple people. xd
Bleeding Apocalypse
I would miss it terribly.

And then I'd find some other, less interesting site on which to whittle my time away.

What if Gaia started giving away free gold what would u do???
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Bleeding Apocalypse
I would miss it terribly.

And then I'd find some other, less interesting site on which to whittle my time away.

What if Gaia started giving away free gold what would u do???

Probably nothing. Because they already give away free gold. All day, every day. I got gold just by clicking on your response. I'm numb to it.
I'd be saddie waddie. sad

Actually I probably wouldn't care. I only come on to play with items and reply to random topics anyhoo.
I'd be sad, because I roleplay a lot on Gaia. And the community we have is really strong. I'd imagine we'd find another site, but it wouldn't be the same really. I'd also be upset, because I too have spent money on this site, and the fact that some day it will die and I wasted money depresses me.
I guess that's why I don't spend real money anymore, because I know it's going to happen someday and I'll look back and think of all the things I could've done if I hadn't spent money on Gaia.
I'd actually be upset. This is the one site I've stuck with consistently (joined in 2005 and never left), that has remained a regular part of my life. I've invested time and money here. There's a history. I'd hate to see it go. sad

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