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has gaia gotten good or bad?

good 0.59259259259259 59.3% [ 16 ]
bad 0.40740740740741 40.7% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 27 ]
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please note: if you are going to be an arse about this. please don't reply to this topic or i WILL report you

now, here's the topic: what ever happened to the nicer gia, the one where people were compasionate about other gaians and could understard if they were poor. the ones who would help you out if you needed it. and most of all... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NICE GENERAL DISSCUSSION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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Because they started to get more annoying


Goodbye! :D

EDIT: oh, and yeah, more people
Its just a trend in users, really. As Gaia gets more and more popular, we're just going to have a wider and wider variety of users. Nice Gaians are still out there - you're probably just looking in all the wrong places.
Because everyone became scammers and cried just to get others money.
There's a lot of nice Gaian's out there.... I know a bunch of them.

More people = more assholes as well. It's the circle of life.
Much, much more people joined since then. This means more nice people, along with more mean people. And nothing in life is balanced 50/50.
as i noted. if you are going to be an arse about it. don't reply.
are you asking for money? 0_o

but i like the new gaia even more.
trust me. im a 04er
People aren't that nice anymore because the number of newbies and noobs have grown big time. A lot of noobs beg all the time and go a little too far sometimes and it's generaly annoying. Ya know? O.o But there still are nice people around who help newbies who deserve help. 3nodding There are just too many noobs who are impatient and think they need cool items in order to fit in. And then the go around pretending to be mods trying to crack people's password and such.

Really, just be kind and make some friends instead of beg all the time thinking items are the only thing that matters. 3nodding
the utosaphian
as i noted. if you are going to be an arse about it. don't reply.

Who was being an a**? :/

You can't report people for just being mean, by the way. It happens.

When it gets to flaming/trolling, you can do it then.

The nicer Gaians are still here. They're just hard to spot under all the asshats.
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Just because more people joined and some are still good, but some just don't care.Oh and since a lot of new guys ask for your stuff.
i'm not asking for money. but it would be nice if people were not conspicuous all the time about my ways
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I doubt people were much different in the earlier years of Gaia. There are a lot more users now, but I still hear a lot of stories about random acts of kindness. 3nodding

i can be an a**.
and not be report worthy.

Gaia is nice.
the users. are people.
not all of them are nice.

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