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I know it's a bit early, but I'm bored and the Advanced Chance has been released, so, good enough. What do want or expect from the March Chance Item?

For March, it's hard to predict anything because there's not much associated with March, outside of St. Patrick's day, and I doubt Gaia will release a CI with nothing but green items and a little beer thrown in. If the theme is going to correlate with the month, personally I'd love to see a Spring Break themed RIG, full of vacation items. Lot of beach and lake stuff, but maybe some road trip and hiking items too. I'm still waiting for a cruise ship background, personally.

Then there are the types of themes I hope for every month: fantasy, ocean, or animal themed. I'd like to see sequels to Poseidon's Legacy or Animal Quackers, personally.
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Maybe something weather related?
That would be pretty neat~
video game related please...or maybe ninjas or samurais
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I want a video game reference RIG like people were speculating in another thread. Because I want a freakin' Psychonauts reference, dammit. I refuse to accept that ALL of Gaia's artists have such horrible taste that they don't find Psychonauts worth referencing.

Yeah, I want another silly RIG. Not stoic or serious or elegant, but goofy and referential and light. I know we just had one, but I want another.
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I'd laugh so hard if they do a nature-related RIG just to troll us.
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l 9 9 l
I'd laugh so hard if they do a nature-related RIG just to troll us.
Gaia: "Have a blast with this nature-inspired RIG! Enjoy the outdoors!"
Us, the pale glow of the computer monitor illuminating our sunken faces: "What is... outdoors?"

As for the CI...
I don't care what theme it is, but I know what's popular on Gaia: New Hairstyles and Leg Modifications.
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I want something terribly ugly so I won't be so tempted to buy them or, more likely, pine futilely after them.
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I see a party rig. Party. Spring break is a good idea, but extend it to like, cruise ships, discos, dance halls, elegant soirees, raves... there's a lot of ground to cover in those themes.


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Well, considering that Easter is in March this year, which means the Easter event is really close by, I think it would be neat to do sort of like an event themed build up with the RIG...

For example, the RIG could be part of the event, in that you can accept your prize or get, I dunno, "Mysterious Coloured Eggs" which can be traded in/used with the Easter event. However, to make things more interesting, they could throw in a Pi Day / St. Patrick's Day minievent, where we trade in these eggs to Odanodan, for Clovers, or the Faktori, for Pie, which we can either exchange with them for items or saved to be used for the Easter event. 'Course, to make it fair, people should be able to find eggs and clovers on the site and, maybe, every 500g spent at the Faktori could give you some Pie (note Pie like in Pie Chart, not Pie as in Rina's Double Plutonium Creme Pie cat_razz ) ...

I know, I know... This doesn't say much 'bout what I want the RIGs theme to be, but then again I am one of those Give-me-an-all-Green-all-Oirish-themed-RIG, but Gaia's not nearly that awesome, so I can only hope they try something that makes the RIG more than just a RIG, to help build the excitement for the up-coming Easter event and spruce up the RIG concept a bit cat_4laugh
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I'd love a CI or RiG themed on urban legends or creepypasta stories- it'd be better as an October-related one with the horror theme, but I'd love that- probably give the guys around here a break from complaining about too many girly items. redface
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I want something terribly ugly so I won't be so tempted to buy them

>>>: This. I am poor and need save my goldies!

However, I hope for something springy. More backgrounds with rain
and flowerbuds and sprouts. And, I doubt this will happen, but that
they actually made the RIG more interactive. Like you get tossed
into a story and then you get to choose whether you go left, right,
straight forward or back (forfeit). This would make it so much more
fun to play RIG's and not just *click* oh character *bamf!* item..
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emotion_bigheart Something better than 'Ships Happen'.. I couldn't use a single thing from this item. It was a bunch of gimmick items that really only apply to users who either know of the references or give a s**t.
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I don't care what we get, video game RIG please, as long as we get decent backgrounds that will layer with others. And maybe an updated version of the slenderman background we already have.
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Snakes, and Finnish Folk Metal tributes emotion_awesome

Nature-y and hardcore :3



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