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Mostly because the more I think about somebody being in the manga, the more excited I get.

I am going to pose this question to you:

If you were to appear in the Gaia Storyline (and we'll say at any point), what do you think your role in it would be?

Now realize that this "appear in the manga" contest is most likely for a small cameo appearance--I do hope that it is someone who impacts the story slight and isn't merely a background extra taking up space....in a crowd.... D:

So what do you think?

If I were to win, I would hope I would appear in the Halloween Manga as the loyal Captain of E-Corp. The Easter Bunny would bark an order at me, I would "YES SIR" him and then zip off to do whatever it was, or maybe he'd hand me a stack of papers to look over. SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES. Nothing major or too impacting, but it would show what I feel my role would be in this scenario.

What do you think it would be for you?

Are you trying to raise the 100 mil to get a chance at the prize?

Are you helping someone else to raise the gold?

I'm trying for it, but I probably won't make it. I just hope it goes to a person who cares about the plot and fits into the story well.
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If I had the gold to appear in the manga, which I don't, and don't want to, I'd show up as the adventure-seeking, world seeing stowaway on Gino & friend's airship who got on board while they had landed the ship for repairs (which was when Nicu and Crescento also got on), and comes out from below deck to complain about the crew headed back to Isle de Gambino, then try to turn the airship around, and get kicked off by Edmund in the middle of nowhere.
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If I had 100m to burn, I would totally buy a ticket in that raffle. I'd want to be portrayed as an obsessive Cygnus fan. The artists can draw me in the background of every panel Cygnus is featured in. Possibly spazzing and salivating profusely.
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I'd be this guy:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I came as fast as I went so the mystery would be so attractive, yes~
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My character would not fit the storyline very well as-is but if we just took Zhivago out and replaced his looks with Q, we would be good.

Here, I did half the work already:
User Image

s**t, I should just start a manga initiative where all the cool characters are Q.
User Image

Q even made a zomg cameo!
User Image
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Lind would probably be skulking in the background, eavesdropping on Edmund, Stein, and/ or Jack. It would be during a Halloween event. If it were this Halloween, she would be enlisting in J-Corp and handing out pumpkin-themed baked-goods and lattes to get others interested in the J-Corp cause. If it were a Stein-involved event, she'd ask him to sign her stitches; if Edmund, she'd give him some creepy fan fiction.
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gaia_angelleft gaia_star gaia_angelright
i'd probably be the traveling witch that louie or edmund or the gino-airship crew or someone came to consult about magic or some old-world gods info or something. show up, have some cutesy back-and-forth, haul out some huge old spellbook or something and then be on my way.
chances are whatever i gave them, be it advice or something else, wouldn't be totally useful right away and they'd realize its significance later in a lightbulb moment idk
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I am the embodiment of fear and evil

Shrimpie would be naturally following Russell Ace like the little stalker that he is. He would have floating hearts over his head as he just went *creepcreep* behind Russell. This would naturally mean that Russell would finally be featured in an actual storyline comic.

of the House of Demonic Dreams
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I'd be this guy:

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I came as fast as I went so the mystery would be so attractive, yes~
random streakers in the manga! That's just what it needed!
oh boy. XD
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I want to be that one guy you see sitting on the sidewalk gorging on candy, despite the chaotic events unfolding around me. Screw the rules, I have candy!

Unfortunately no I won't be trying to rustle up gold to put into the garbage chute. :c I don't even think I could get more than a mil or so. sweatdrop

I think it'll be cooler to see what the winners of the manga slots will be doing when it comes out.
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User Image



Yes, I like that.
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I would be the person shooting a rocket launcher at Flynn's spaceship while she takes off into space to get more gold.

I would probably have my character saying, "Go S-Corp!" randomly in the background xD
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Jeffrey M Roth



Yes, I like that.

I have more.
I used to be huge into this.
User Image

Here. Some of the links are broken because I haven't updated this in YEARS, but it will probably be of interest to you.
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Ekku would be a background character to Louie as a worker helping with Blood packet sales to the other Vampires in the land of Gaia. She wouldn't be in a casual getup, but in a more official looking one that I can make from my current catalog of items.
If she had a desk to work on there'd be a couple pic of her and Ren. ninja
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I'd probably be someone in the background, window shopping, only to look back as some main character walked by. That describes me pretty well, not really involved, but still curious.

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