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What if your favorite Gaia NPC lost their eye in a freak accident/fight? Would you..

cry 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 11 ]
think they look much cooler with one eye 0.25252525252525 25.3% [ 25 ]
not care 0.15151515151515 15.2% [ 15 ]
be okay with it 0.13131313131313 13.1% [ 13 ]
think of it as a happy memory 0.01010101010101 1.0% [ 1 ]
writhe in angst 0.060606060606061 6.1% [ 6 ]
pretend it didn't happen 0.070707070707071 7.1% [ 7 ]
can't think of other poll options so 0.04040404040404 4.0% [ 4 ]
gold 0.1010101010101 10.1% [ 10 ]
silver 0.070707070707071 7.1% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 99 ]
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The sky cities invade the mainland, zombie Gambino appears for no particular reason except drama and why not, Carl is the leader of the resistance, Meredith is the brains, and Josie is the brawn, with Leon and the Barton Regulars as backup. Edmund and co. go on dangerous intelligence missions, Louie seduces and then assassinates an enemy general, and Liam and Sam are locked in an arms race against the other side, which has far superior airship technology. This results in giant flying robots, obviously, of which Sasha is the best pilot, "like, yeah!" Gino and Dr. Singh develop a virus which destroys the fertility of Casimir trees in a desperate ploy to even the playing field, but later discover that it also affects a dangerous number of food crops. The day is saved by Rina developing new species of flowering plants which neutralize the virus with their pollen.

That actually sounds pretty awesome as a whole. there's a lot of action and drama. gaia should turn that into a little CI story, with each of those segments being a different stage or something. /if only

actually now i really want that to happen, at least in a CI...

add: lol maybe gambino came back to retrieve his stolen eyebrows *chuckles*

If they made it into an item the first pose would be Gambino's stolen eyebrows.
SuccuViv's avatar

Demonic Lover

I would like for them to cut after the big dramatic moment that'll never be big and dramatic because everyone and by everyone I mean me is tired of Dark Elves and Gino, specially Gino and the current ark and then show us like scenes from the future * O* characters grown up and stuff, what they are currently up to, how did they grow~ I would like to see Brennivin make part of his ship into a magical fashion school * O* and Kanoko and Rina's daughters would be magical girls there~ if they are or not a couple is to be decided ninja and some little girl will be holding one of the Saint Ciel books, the fairytale edition, and we'll learn that EIs and REIs were books in the main site O:!

I'm way too bored x 3x <3
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Bitchboots's Wife

Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

If Gaia ever got into a situation where the meandering plot needed to be wrapped up in a single update, it would probably be a page wherein Rufus wakes up, showing all of Gaia's plot was a dream. Ian would still have blond hair and they would be getting ready for the H2K4 party at Gambino's mansion.
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The Zurg come back and 'save' everyone by mentally cleansing them.
Then Zombie Gambino (with his eyebrows) leads a resistance campaign.
Successful or not, everyone's a zombie in one way or another.
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Kawaii Carnivore

Existential Existence
I probably just gave Nicolae an idea.

nicolae needs an ending. do tell emotion_dowant
or else he'll be the one to succumb to syphilis. one of them has to die from a disease..

Nonono. Not syphilis : he has to die in all his glory and handsomeness .
Being delirious in bed, covered in rash , papules and nodules is NOT handsome.I wouldn 't want to have his precious face deformed too !

He should die of sexual exhaustion : we all knew from the beginning that Crescento was wild , didn 't we ?

As a side note , I would imagine Nyx coming to plague and destroy Gaia , calling back to life Gambino , brainwashing him and making him do lots of very bad things for its ecosystem. Gaia being in great danger , the Zurgs come back ...no , not to save the day : they would make the planet explode to get rid of alllllll the villains in one , quick , swoop .Higher intelligence life forms are rational and quick in their ways.

Well, after they would have taken all of us 'innocent ' gaians with them on their mothership emotion_kirakira , of course. Though they didn 't tell us first that we would have to become their slaves...
Everybody would die because this is Gaia we're talking about.
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Beloved Perfectionist

i feel like the "end" of gaia wouldnt really be the END more like a rebirth. killing off many of the current NPC's

gino would live to become the new found of gaia kind of like his father (only he would be older and more grown up)

maybe peyo and rena would live being the youngest, to herold in a new set of NPC's to take over and rebuild having users (the survivors) right there helping them.
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Buggy Mage

Lazarus Larkin
...I never saw Edmund as servile at all, but as Johnny's BFF and that's why he helps him out with stuff sometimes.

In realistic terms I think it's more likely that one day we'll all realize we haven't had a plot update in years and nobody even noticed.

Zombie Gambino They should use that, it would be awesome! Edmund choking on a spree. lol

Agreed, In my opinion, Edmund's what I like to call a real character. In other words having real potential for character building and is truly unique. Hes a scientist and a swordsman I mean how is that not awesome? He may be Butler like but I think that's just an ongoing joke but he was really the talent in the duo he had with Gambino if you ask me.
Others that are my favs include are Agatha, Logan, Sam, Josie, and Murasaki who really needs some more storyline.
I think it would be interesting if Nyx possessed Meili or something to attack Gino. It would create a lot of epic dramatic peaks what with Gino having to decide between his Girl friend or his Father figure.
He'd probably pick Meili. rofl
Admittedly, it would be sort of a predictable route to take with the story.
Or in an alternate Ships Happen kind of timeline Edmund could resign from it all and run away with Louie to finally appease their passive aggressive romance.Edmund deserves a little r and r. 3nodding
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Buggy Mage

your local teashop
Everybody would die because this is Gaia we're talking about.

lol are we talking like an Evangelion scale character sweep? emotion_kirakira Maybe they would all fuse together to make a giant Diedrich and do galactic battles. This would be a great comedic side-story or dream sequence.
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Aged Gearhead

I think it would be an ending like in " Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Season 7 ".

In which the story continued in the books. I think it's up to season 9 now.

Also , we already have an NPC with one eye. The girl from the neko shop.... If anybody died i'd hope it be Shivago... Or maybe Ian or Louie...
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Playful Fatcat

gaia_diamond gaia_diamond gaia_diamond yum_coldone emotion_bigheart
      ✦ idc what happens to npcs
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... It will all change when the Fire Nation attacks.
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Existential Existence
I probably just gave Nicolae an idea.

nicolae needs an ending. do tell emotion_dowant
or else he'll be the one to succumb to syphilis. one of them has to die from a disease..

Nicolae prolly would, he's such a dog.

That or he'd go on some crazy adventure to steal something and get rich and while trying to bathe in his bathtub full of gold somehow drown/get crushed by it wight of all that money.
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Aged Gearhead

Oh i know what if, it was Nicu that died???

Like at the very, very end he ends up sacrificing himself to save Gaia! Redeeming himself in the process!??!?!
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Beloved Foe

User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

The end looks like a giant, blazing fireball streaming through the sky
and then plummeting into the Port of Gambino, causing a gigantic tsunami.

And a mega-disaster like they talk about on History 2. :'D

But I'd hop on the airship and hover in safety.. until our food is depleted.
Then I just die.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are

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