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Do you like Mizuchi's Jewel?

yes I have one / a few 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 18 ]
Yes I want to buy/gifted one 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 6 ]
Yes, I love it 0.063492063492063 6.3% [ 4 ]
No, It's a rather bad EI 0.095238095238095 9.5% [ 6 ]
No, I don't think it has any poses that I want to use 0.15873015873016 15.9% [ 10 ]
Mizuchi's Jewel shouldn't be 749GC EI 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 9 ]
It's quite interesting and alright evolving item 0.15873015873016 15.9% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 63 ]
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I wish it would have been longer. :c The colors were really vibrant--especially the stockings and gloves. I really like the skin equip where it's kinda...speckly?

One of my favorite recent avatars I made around the hair since it's fairly hard to work with. Odd coloring. gonk

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Gotta be honest, most of drinky's items aren't my cup of tea, I have this ei for the stockings and the scales basically, but yeah, definitely hard to work with.
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Tipsy Reindeer

I like it. I like most of Drinky's items actually. I try to use it fairly often. 3nodding
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Thank you for everyone's reply and voting on the poll.

I have messed around with Mizuchi's Jewel by using the improved dressing room (which means using search options to equip some items that I do not have)... here are some of the results:

User Image

vee jumped
I wish it would have been longer. :c The colors were really vibrant--especially the stockings and gloves. I really like the skin equip where it's kinda...speckly?

One of my favorite recent avatars I made around the hair since it's fairly hard to work with. Odd coloring. gonk

User Image

it's beautiful avatar, vee jumped (do you have a bigger version?). I like the skin of Mizuchi's Jewel too. smile

I do tend to love Drinky's items and this one included.
The colors are so bright and the ideas are great. But I've always been left to wonder why it was so short. Like, the real reason.

I own one but I hardly use it though. Kind of one of those "I love it so much even if I can't use it" items.

I want a real reason too from the artist. To me this is a great evolving item but ended with less poses... having said that, the poses have good qualities. I am Enko and I am Daija poses seems rushed, the layer of those 2 I am pose are quite terrible. not having as great quality as their young I am poses version.

jettisoned corpse
It's a cool item but the problem with items like it (and probably why most users dislike them) is because it is a very flashy item.

Bright colors. Specific theme. Large poses. When you use the item, you aren't just using the item, it becomes a very integrated part of your outfit, if not the main core of it.

This makes it difficult to work into anything you want.

I own one and even I haven't touched it in a very very long time, even though I do very much enjoy items like this. It's like for me, I have to be in a specific mood to wanna dress up in an outfit using it.

I'm glad it exists but I do understand the lack of appeal.

thank you jettisoned corpse, for sharing your opinion on this item, I agree mostly. Maybe it's lucky for me I am not a person who like to matching colours xd

Existential Existence
I think a lot of people were expecting more poses/evolutions. that was around the time Gaia was cutting down on EI poses though, so...it was sort of unexpected.

I had fun with it when it was current but i don't think I've used mine for a long time. probably because i rarely use clothes stuff for my avatar now anyway. heck i haven't touched Reve in a long time and i think that EI is the bomb!

there are just too many items out there to play with

True its finale is almost around the time for the beginning era for REIs, Many artists seemed frustrating at that point for their EIs schedules.

And also true there are so many items for us to mess around. Even at our dressing room we can equip all GaiaOnline items if we use the search option at dressing room.

Yilanti Midnight
I think it's a great EI that sadly could never show off its full potential. I feel like it was cut off halfway, as if they wanted the artist to do something else.

3nodding but it could we the artist think it is ready as it is... I really wish we can know why it is this way..

It's on my wishlist forever. Everybody else is keeping theirs, so the only entries on the Marketplace are 200k+ each, which is a smidge much even for awesome stockings, gloves, and glittery scales. emo

Yui hime, try to watch more frequently at marketplace for all Mizuchi's Jewel gens. heart They are usually only around 130 to 160k max... I have seen one with 110k. Right now one is still at 156k.

Lazarus Larkin
I like it all right but the colors are a bit hard to work with.

yes it is not easy...

User ImageI loved it, but I was so disappointed when the green items shifted in to blue items.
It is an item that wont be leaving my inventory ever.

oh... interesting. I haven't thought it could have been green Kimono, green Hakama and green obi. Thanks for the insight.

my Mizuchi's Jewels won't leave my inventory either (unless re-release will happen, then I am always happy to buy the cheaper ones) !
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Kitt Koneko's Spouse

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Thanks. ^_^ Here's a bigger version~

User Image
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vee jumped
Thanks. ^_^ Here's a bigger version~

User Image

Thanks! That's beautiful emotion_c8 emotion_hug
Drinky has an awesome style/eye for colors&gradients
and haters tend to have lousy taste 3nodding
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It's not bad. I don't personally care for Japanese folklore or the color scheme, but I can't deny that it's a well made item. The skins are interesting.
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Nothing usable for me.
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I was rather disappointed that it stopped, I must admit.
However I loved the dragon poses, I just thought that it had more potential than it got.
I'm not that fond of Drinky's style though, but she has had made some pretty nice items.
I actually have a few of her EIs and items but don't wear them often. Hardly ever wear my Mizuchi's Jewel either. But the thing about Drinky's items that I love is that fact that she references Japanese Folklore... well most of them. I've just been taking a bit of a break on Japanese traditional garb items... since I'd used to incorporate them alot in my avatars. ^^'
Actually Mizuchi's Jewel could've been one of my favorite especially of the artist who drew the poses... however her Doctor Who items have to rank above it. sweatdrop
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I didn't really like it.
The colors are a bit too hard to match for me. emo
I'll just be lazy and rephrase what I had posted in the Jewel's fanthread the day it ended way back when.

It certainly had a sudden ending. Im pretty happy I took my own financial advice on this one and decided to wait it out.... We didnt even get a warning that it was ending...

This seemed further proof to me that they were slowly phasing out EIs >.> Less bang for your buck, lazy delayed evolutions (I love how I said that in 2010 -thinks of Pietro-), little to no communication (Buki aside heh) between artists and the community. Had we known Drinky was about to end the jewel, I'm sure a lot of people would have sent her scores of ideas and "Nooooo keep it going!" comments.
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The colors are not so easy to work with but I like most of the poses.
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I've never owned this one. I do recall few times thinking about buying it because some pose has looked good on my avatar in tektek but I haven't actually bought it.

Now when I watch pose evolving I must say I that only thing I like in last two phases is the dragon.
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I LOVE the skin and wig (kappa's skin and wig) for the Mizuchi's Jewel!
I think it is a very interesting item! I love any item that deals with Japanese folklore smile
And I absolutely adore the HUGE cucumber.
Oh my, must I bust out my frog legs?

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