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they aren't my style but they look good.
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I rather like them a surprising amount. It's kinda frustrating an amusing way, that I also really want an Espionage and I keep thinking well maybe I'll sell one of the new MC's I got to afford it... but I can't bare to part with any of them- even the Virtue which is the item I like the least out of the trio. I don't care for the hair... I hate his half of the wings... and they eyes are unusable imo. But dat tail... Dat tail and dose horns. emotion_kirakira
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Ugh... I hate to be the jerk who is never pleased with anything, but... these are incredibly boring. I understand that there's only so much that can be done with the angel/demon theme, but... gonk

Not something I'll be going out of my way to buy any time soon.
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Sister of Sin hair is an absolute mess, though. Can't stand it.

Ugh yes this so much.

The stories were okay, but I thought these were the worst MCs all year. There are so few usable poses.
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One of my favorite MC's so far! I totally love them

.::Fallen Angel::.
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I love everything about them, I just wish the wing to sister sin was just a tad bit higher than what it is. But for the 10th anniversary of MC/DIs, these are pretty sweet.
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This month's collectibles are so beautiful!! I usually only buy one monthly collectible (the female one 90% of the time) but this time, I just have to buy all three. So gorgeous and I have a good feeling they might go up in value once they are no longer available in the cash shop. I mean in my opinion, ALL THREE are really NICE instead of just one of them like in most MC releases.^^
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I like them alot *O*.

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