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Fluffy Wolf

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I think Sister of sin is the only actual MC I've been interested in for a while. I love the eyes.
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Witty Lover

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I'm shocked that there are not many posts.

guess another user got to it first!
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Romantic Gawker

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I enjoyed it o.o I'll wear mine after it's not so now. lol
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I don't care for them, personally. They're not useful and I'm sick of this one wing s**t or giving us two wings while one looks nice and the other is gimp.
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Generous Codger

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I like them, and although the one wing schtick to keep us from having cheap backwings is irritating, I don't mind because these have to be the best MCs we've had in years. Really.

I'm just sad that we're not going to see this level of quality again until another milestone anniversary.

Sister of Sin hair is an absolute mess, though. Can't stand it.
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I'm shocked that there are not many posts.

guess another user got to it first!

Oh gosh, don't start that.
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Lonely Lunatic

None of them are to my taste, but they sell well. But they seem to be a lot better looking than recent MCs. I just wish the Monthly Collectables were as nice looking as some of the Premium Chance items.
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Noble Werewolf

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I really love them! whee Just had to play around with some items to get the wings to work. I think I did alright...haven't done a light/dark avi in a long while. Just need the halo. 3nodding
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Unforgiving Gaian

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I make them work. Very nicely done. I am happy we got 3 MCs. Been a while since we've had that happen.
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Victorious Hero

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Not very impressed. It's nice of them to go back to their roots, but this month's isn't for me.
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Generous Ladykiller

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It's a meh to me nothing for me be using i was kinda hoping something summer theme but i guess not...
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I don't know if I'll ever wear them, but they're pretty cool. June MCs are always something to look forward to. 3nodding
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Invisible Student

I'm having very mixed feelings about this.
On one hand they're beautiful, nicely pixelated and overall incredibly awesome.
On the other hand they're very special and I don't really see me being able to actually use them.
Also, the fact they aren't clear angel/demon but a mix is throwing me off ever so slightly.
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Gracious Prophet

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I like them, I think they're beautiful and well done.
But I wont be purchasing them this month! sad
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Witty Risk-Taker

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I think they look pretty good.

I'm not peeing my pants over them, but that's okay. I'm happy to see a lot of people really excited by them and using them in great ways.

I'm... kinda disappointed that the Brother of Virtue's eyes look so awful on darker skinned avatars though. The Artists have to remember to test items on ALL skin tones. I have three mule accounts that have dark skin bases and I like to dress 'em up pretty. A lot of eye mods end up looking bad on darker skin bases. Please remember to test on dark skin bases, guys.

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