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Brother of Virtue

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Sister of Sin

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Winged Halo

Looks like this month the artists put a big effort into making these. 10th year anniversary in making collectibles.

Now I just have to wait for the deflation stage, and buy the Brother and Sister!
Thank you anon for the Winged halo! heart
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Incredibly awesomesauce. Like Grandma's secret recipe BBQ sauce.
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They're ok. I don't personally like them, but I do like the thought and ideas behind them. And the fact that there is three of them is awesome :]
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I love them. They're very good quality MCs and it's surprising to see Gaia Staff not only create three MCs, but to do a throw-back to the first MC that started it all.

Plus... the eyes in Sister of Sin are a very inexpensive version of Sly the Fox' eye pose.
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I think that thanks to cash offers and videos, i made an extra 300k this month mrgreen
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I quite like the wing pose, it was what drew me to this month's collectible right away.
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♥ ♥

They're all pretty much amazing. Like, there are so many
poses I actually like for once. The halo is a bit tin-ish looking
for my tastes.. but even so, it is a great set of items.

I'm pleased as punch this month, Gaia. XD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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its probably the first time i've liked everything an MC has to offer for both male and female avi's. A cheap alternative to those alchemy backwings and sly the fox eyes. I've very happy with it heart
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I love all three a lot more than I would expect, but alas I can't afford them! I am pleased Gaia put so much effort into them.
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So I take it that the halo is a separate EI, or do we get that along with whichever one we select?

I was planning on purchasing a few.

I really like them and think they're really useful.
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I really like them, but I feel that I won't be able to use them as much as I would like.
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I think they're great, although I don't really want either of them.

I love the little story heheh.


best i've seen in a LONG time. several years of nothing but shitty collectibles until these 3 come out today. it's been a while since gaia's released 3 collectibles at once, but they finally did an amazing job with it. and they finally brought out another halo for the tradition of the halo.
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The best since I've been on Gaia.

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