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considering all the annoying/gross/inappropriate ads that only get removed when the users take issue with them and report them, no I won't be removing adblock.

It's not my job to make sure ads don't try to give me a virus, it's yours.
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I buy cash so I just see Gaia's ads

But a lot of people have legitimate reasons for using adblock...I'd probably use it to, depsite any plea from the site.
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Hopefully Gaia is doing alright financially. gonk I'd hate for it to go down like TinierMe.

I basically see it like:

Gaia Online with ads or No Gaia Online

I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't. So far I've seen the user pop. go from 30k to 14k.

On topic: I buy little amounts of Gaia cash to support the site, but I don't have adblock to start with, never experienced the intrusive ads though. gonk
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Whats ironic is that this announcement actually made me GET Adblock...

I know that Gaia have little/no control over what ads get show, but lately I've been getting extremely intrusive ads that open new tabs/windows. (Usually lottery/antivirus scam sites.)

I want to help support Gaia, but its getting more and more difficult every day... sad
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ღ i just use adblock because this is a shared laptop, and my father installed it. i have no idea how to turn it off.
i don't think i'd turn it off even if i could though. i get bombarded with those talking ones, and it's really irksome when i'm listening to music in another tab and i can't get that darn ad to shut up.
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I've been a Cash user for years. Never bothered to get AdBlock or any other ads, since more often than not I don't have speakers on in the first place... also, I rarely see actual invasive ads. We had them for a short while, but I think users reported them enough that the bulk of them were removed.

Not gonna get AdBlock. The actual ads don't bother me at all.
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If you think about it, Gaia does stop putting up ads for a month if you spend more than 250GC in a month. So maybe it's their way of saying "spend a little, stop getting ads" by posting an announcement for the CS.
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Do you even know what irony is OP? neutral

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