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/lol I started humming the song when I saw the thread title XD

Also will I turn off the block? Nope! While I understand what Gaia are asking the fact of the matter is... I don't like advertisements .

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I use adblock and I'm not going to stop.
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I keep getting ads about weight loss and cam sex dating sites. Not very pleasant...
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I use cash, so I only get Gaia ads. They're fine and I don't mind them so I have no need for adblock on this account.
Those of my accounts that don't use cash though will keep their adblock on.
I've no problem supporting Gaia by buying cash, but I will not support the ads.
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Considering that ad provides a large amount of revenue for the site, and people adblocking is the main reason we have so many ads shoved at us in the first place, I do say it is needed to mention. There is obviously a reason why they are highlighting this, and I don't just think its to be said. It obviously isn't "not that bad". The revenue itself must have been pretty bad; at least to the point they felt they had to make a full-blown announcement for the issue. Especially if they're asking for people who have paid and got free ads to disable them. But who knows. I may just be presuming the worse.
I never really used adblock myself. Sure they're annoying, and some even crash my browser, but I don't think I could do it without feeling some level of guilt.

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I don't use ad block, and I buy GC sometimes.
Hopefully it's just a normal announcement and not something their really serious about. (Meaning their in a tough spot)

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>>>: To be honest I don't even see the ads, and I don't
have any adblockers at all. Guess I'm just immune to them xD
And maybe I just misread the announcement but to me it didn't
sound like a plead to the users to turn of their adblocks, more like
"it's nice of you if you do, but we can't stop you" message.
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/*NEEDS* a music note emote

I gave Gaia some advice to adapt around adblock. hope they take it biggrin
'cause people aren't going to disable it if there's no real need for them to.

it probably really helps for gaia to make money from ads. it's how a lot of other websites make money to run (aside from paypal donations). it might not be as much revenue from a cash shop update but it's probably enough to cut into gaia's budget. sisky mentioned several things in that dev alert so there's probably a pretty decent amount of $ not being made through ads.
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I've gotten computer viruses from ads (both on and off Gaia) before, and they are the reason I have adblock. I won't disable it just because they ask, because I would like to keep my computer functioning. Oops.
The only site I have adblock turned off on is Hulu, and that's because I had an issue where it would not let me watch without turning it off. emotion_donotwant

Also, sound ads are annoying when you don't remember you've got your sound on at practically full-blast.
I don't have adblock, but I do have a pop-up block which I refuse to turn off, mainly because it keeps my computer safe, and surfing the internet is less annoying for me. However, I do buy Gaia cash from time to time, so I'm supporting the site in my own way.

But I guess it's quite fortunate that I don't get all the irritating pop-ups that some of you seem to be getting. And hearing about the problems they cause makes me even more reluctant to turn off my blocker.
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The ads are in such obnoxious places that make the site harder to use.

I understand the need to support the site, but I do not like ads hovering around making noise at me and the like.
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Adblock all day, every day. No offense Gaia, but I don't whitelist ads on any site, regardless of how much I like it.
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will you get banned if you block the ads?

Nope, not at all biggrin
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It's not ironic, it makes sense, they're saying "We need revenue" then because most people have Ad-Block what other ways are there to get money? Answer: cash shop items - it's logical.

I wouldn't be adverse to unblocking Gaia ads as long as they didn't make sound or expand on accidental roll-over, and could guarantee very little risk of virus infested ads. My main computer is still being fixed up after my last virus raid, most likely from an ad or from a website I trust. I occasionally buy GC (though not recently I admit- but I'm not really regular at the moment) and do GC offers so I'm still in two minds about the white-listing ads. It's something I'd need to think more on.
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I ended up blocking ads because I kept getting alerts about viruses. I'm subscribed for autocash, though, so I figure as far as revenue goes, I even out.

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