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I have Flashblock. That's it. I don't block regular ads, since I'm well aware that it's many websites' bread and butter, but Flashblock is active out of necessity to keep advertisers from sucking up my Verizon wifi's miserly data packages.

However, since I throw a fiver at Gaia every now and again, I seldom have issues with their ads. I remember a bit back when I was broke IRL as s**t, and when I was fiddling around my avatar. There was an ad on the page where if the cursor hovered over it longer than couple seconds, it'd open a new tab. That was terribly annoying.
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i've gotten viruses through banner ads before so i don't want to take any sort of chances
but on the other hand, i do pump a few bucks into the gaia system from time to time so it's not like i'm cheating them out of profit. i do that with a lot of sites i support, anyway
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I noticed that plea to turn Gaia ads on. Was about to, but then i got the cash shop announcement, and was like 'ha. Yeah. No.' If they can afford to push out cash shop crap nearly every day- which I don't support- then they don't need me to turn off my addblock for them. Nice try, gaia. Maybe if you update the gold shops just as often as you do the cash shop, I'll consider letting you spam me with ads. Until then, you have all your precious cash shop spam to support you, financially. rolleyes

I love you, gaia, but no. Just no.

That, and I don't want viruses invading my PC, because gaia doesn't check which ads are dangerous, before they allow them on their site. So No.
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Also, OP:
It's not ironic.

It's a cute coincidence that support each other. "We need money and please stop blocking our ads" paired with "here's something for you to give us money for!"

The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
Of or like iron: "an irony gray color".
noun. taunt - sarcasm
adjective. iron - ferreous - ferrous

          But but it's Ironic in the Alanis Morissette definition of the word. You know the rain on your wedding day and free rides when you're already late kind of "irony". I'm starting to wonder what they expected to happen if they thought an announcement for a new bundle was ironic.

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Yeah... The day I got a virus from an ad here on Gaia that tried to seriously mess up my computer was the day I got adblock and noscript. Never again, Gaia. Never again. talk2hand

But since I do buy cash now and then, I don't really feel bad about it at all.
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As much I would love to help Gaia....

I really don't want to turn off my adblock FOR A VERY GOOD REASON.

What happen was, While I was looking at the Cashtree ads, for some unknown reason the very next day, while surfing the internet, I had a very weird sound that had multiple Ad noises out of nowhere and I'm not even looking at ads. ESPECIALLY when I close the internet window, I still had that same problem no matter what. D8

So what my dad had to do was WIPED my computer clean and from that day on, I put up the adblock and refuse to look at ads EVER again.

I don't even know if it was a virus or spyware, but it really did freaked me out A LOT x_X

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it's a little silly- mostly because the ads that I get
are usually sound ads, or porn, or other
disgusting s**t. and to report it, they want me to
download some other program, it's like i'm not
going through a big ordeal for something the
staff should be on the lookout for. come on.
adblock stays. i'm not into my sister walking
by and seeing that.
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I don't understand how this contains any form of irony. Not even "the Alanis Morisette" kind of irony. Ugh.
Everyone can probably figure out that Gaia makes revenue in more than one way. I won't pretend to know how exactly their dealings with ad providers go, but I'd imagine it gets them more exposure, and since ads appear unless you block them (whereas buying Cash is completely optional), they're a more sure way of getting money.
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I don't use add block, but, on the other hand, I don't buy cash. So, it's a 50/50

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i dont use ad blocks but there are hardly any ads for my country so i get ads that arent for me at all
i dont care for ads as most of the time i dont see any ads ^^
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It's not ironic because this situation has nothing to do with irony....

anyhow, I whitelisted Gaia for a bit but when an audio ad started, that was it. I know it's probably a vicious circle of them needing to ramp up ads to make up for the lack of people seeing them, but I refuse to unblock them until they aren't ridiculous.
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I can't stand the ads that pop up when I'm dressing my avi. They pop up constantly because my mouse accidentally hovers over them when I try to click on something. The ads cover my whole inventory while making obnoxious noises. I can't have sound on when I am on gaia and it's shame that I have to sacrifice my music for a little gaia time. sad Not cool. talk2hand

I'm a little shocked that Gaia would ask it's members to turn off adblock. Some people NEED adblock on to protect their computers from viruses, porn, etc.

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I use adblock because I got tired of screaming advertisements blasting through my speakers.
Or pop ups.
Also ads that just hijacked my browser to another page without me doing anything.

I would unblock Gaia ads if they made an effort to keep the ads safe and kid-friendly like the site is supposed to be. I don't think that's a lot to ask for considering how much money some people spend on this site.
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I haven't had too much trouble with ads. I see a lot of harmless, mundane things and I don't usually click on them. As far as Cash Offers, I only do the videos, which are sponsored by reputable sources, like Best Buy or Kellogs, so I'm not too worried.
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I got adblock because I kept getting annoying advertisements when I wanted to watch youtube videos. It's a bless that this thing also blocks Gaia advertisements. I don't buy any GaiaCash but I do the GaiaCash advertisements. 4laugh

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