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Whilst I've been mindlessly tekteking recently, I've come up with a couple of outfits that I've quite liked. So I save for a while until I get enough dosh together for this super cool new outfit and go out and buy it. Then, nervously, I peek into the AT and ask for a rate. All I get is, "it's too plain, no style, try again". So I began to wonder. How do the general populace of gaia create avatars? Do they aim for something that the ATers will like (seemingly matching clutter) or do you aim to please yourself? Do you care if everyone else thinks your avatar is boring?

I please myself with my outfits.
I like them matching, but not cluttered, and I keep it different with my mood.
Stay faaarr away from the AT if you like your avi. xd

    maybe they're jealous : O
    but no i don't really care.
    especially since my avatar isn't
    done yet.
    normally i wouldn't be out
    in the forums, but i don't give a damn.
Stay faaarr away from the AT if you like your avi. xd

Oh boy did I learn that!

I don't think they're jealous, particularly. They just have very strong ideas on what is stylish and what is not.

I try to do something new with an object I've never used before.
Then I usually base my whole avatar around that single object.

[ In this case, it's the owl ] And of course I must make it match.
    "A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a reference from there.."

    'Just pick and choose wisely, also, a bit more white would look good on you're avatar.. sweatdrop

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Amazing Al
Stay faaarr away from the AT if you like your avi. xd

Oh boy did I learn that!

I don't think they're jealous, particularly. They just have very strong ideas on what is stylish and what is not.

Yeah, their definition of stylish is different then mine/ours.
Mine's not cluttered (like my current avi) because.. I don't like the matching cluttered look ;/ But ATers do, most of the time.
Besides, I change my avi nearly everyday, so I don't have to worry about what people think about it, it'll be gone tommorow. c:
I have my avatar because I like my avatar....I've had it for some months now, and criticism doesn't phase me. I go to the AT sometimes and always give the same advice I have for myself, "So WHAT if they don't like it? It's not a popularity contest unless you're in the Arena."
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I just make my avatar look cool in my eyes and if other don't like it they can stick and iron pole where the sun don't shine.

The only time I care what others think is when I design and outfit for the Avatar Arena. Then I try to go for a theme or color scheme to please the masses and maybe get myself in the winner circle.
I aim to please myself. I find that when I try to fit someone else's standards, I'm not very happy with the results.
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Tch, I aim to please myself and no one else. I mean it would be cool if others liked it, but if not, oh well.
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User Image User ImageDress how you want to dress but don't go asking for rates if you have soft skin. Everyone who goes there expects to get 10/10 but the thing about the AT is that there is a set of 'rules' there that can make or break a avi. Color balance, item balance, if its been over done, and matching.

So again if you like your avi you should not be asking for rates.
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Usually I base my avatars around a color. I've been basing it around my coco lately. xD
So I pick two, three, or four colors, tektek a nice looking avatar and then I quest it. xD
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No. That's why I don't ask. I get compliments on her, though. Always try to keep her in 2 colors, usually black and something else.

And most people like color, is all. I always suggest balancing the black with another color.
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I dress to make myself happy, not someone else.
Who cares if they don't like it.
It only matters if I like it.

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