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What is your favorite EI this week?

Rose Saga 0.5583038869258 55.8% [ 158 ]
Zodiacal: Equinox 0.12014134275618 12.0% [ 34 ]
Adamant Vault 0.074204946996466 7.4% [ 21 ]
Peony and Blossoms 0.03886925795053 3.9% [ 11 ]
Bunnihilatiion 0.045936395759717 4.6% [ 13 ]
The Cocklebur King 0.028268551236749 2.8% [ 8 ]
M's Sketchbook 0.03886925795053 3.9% [ 11 ]
Rookie's Pursuit 0.028268551236749 2.8% [ 8 ]
Hardhearted 0.024734982332155 2.5% [ 7 ]
The Prince's Rose 0.042402826855124 4.2% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 283 ]
This poll closed on August 1, 2014.
No longer accepting new votes.
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We have two updates today: Rose Saga and Peony and Blossoms.

Okay guys, you should know what to do! Please take the time to vote in the poll!

Every Friday we have a wonderful Evolving Item update. With all the posts in GCD about Evolving Items, it's difficult to tell which one is most popular! So every week, I will make a poll to find out what is everyone's favorite Evolving Item. Think of it like the Billboard Music Chart, instead we're finding what's the top Evolving Item of the week.

And here it is:
Weekly Top Evolving Items -Week of July 18th.

1.Rose Saga
2.Zodiacal: Equinox
3.Adamant Vault
4.Peony and Blossoms
6.The Cocklebur King
7.M's Sketchbook
8.Rookie's Pursuit
10.The Prince's Rose

Total Votes: 232

Spoon: What's your favorite EI this week?
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I was surprised that Rose Saga has ended already. I was hoping for more. Despite that, I've voted for it. I like the brandished sword poses, but color-coordinating them will be somewhat difficult.
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^Agreed with the post above. It's good to see Mephiste back again. (Now if only there would be more masculine EIs and an explanation of whether the Mephiste in Ravenwood Manor is the same as the one from Sainte Ciel and Dark Heart. I didn't really understand how Briar would become both a princess and knight. neutral )
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Peony and Blossoms: Pfft; this storyline alone has explained to me why people carried small dogs around with them as accessories for a while. I thought it was just a fad, or some sort of effort to stand out... but no. No. It's for the discounts. They're simply thrifty people! I was so wrong to judge; forgive me, world! I don't usually use pet-on-the-head poses, but that pup is cute; the clothing items are more my speed. I'm not sure I like the bra too much... I think it's the placement of the flower, or whatever that is. But the stockings/leg mod is really cute! I like how well balanced it is, and the pose is so pretty! Definitely my favorite pose this week! ^_^b

Rose Saga: Oh snap, finale time... hm. I feel like this wasn't a large enough platform for this story to play out on... the REI time schedule seems to have condensed the story. Or, at least the butt-kicking awesomeness storytime I was expecting/wanting! XD This ending certainly caught me by surprise; I was expecting a battle, but forgiveness caught me off guard. I now desperately want more history/development for the character of Mephiste/Briar; the breaking down of a demon of vengeance and selfishness to an avatar of loneliness sounds like it would be very interesting. I'm always drawn in by drastic character changes. o_o I like Rosa's callback to the love in different forms, like the original item names... that made me smile. Overall, this story left me expecting more; with an ending like that, it makes me feel like it's setting up for a sequel. L'histoire du Mephiste, perhaps..? *puppy dog eyes*

As for the items, the sleeves and arm poses are nice callbacks to the original items! I like all the ornate detailing to them. >3< The pose of the battle stance boggles my mind, but those lovely ruffles and detailing are winning it over for me regardless. The tears are my favorite pose, though! They seem like an anime essential! The transformation hair confuses me (I was expecting a book!), but it's very pretty and I like all of the movement to it. Overall, the items for this REI were of a consistently beautiful quality, with lots of lush detail! It definitely moved past just being a homage item to the original series. They may not be the most versatile items, but I adore them regardless, just because they're all so lovely. >3<

Rose Saga definitely gets my vote again this week! ^_^
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There's is nothing in the poll that I am interested in voting for. Why are almost all of the options REIs?
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I like Peony and Blossoms, but bra items seem unnecessary to me. My vote goes to Bunnihilation.
Peony and Blossoms got my vote whee
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Bunnihilation for life!!!!!!!!
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Question: Where the hell is the rest of the evolving item's poses?

This item was not finished. Not in the slightest. Where is Roses top? Where
is Celeste's? Because that SINGLE top does not incorporate into the transformed
items! It modifies the arms so you can't even incorporate it in the first place! There
aren't even any accessories! M's bloody sketchbook got more care and attention
than this!

This was completely the wrong platform to tell this story! It didn't give it enough time
or poses to fully incorporate the story. It worked for the last few installments because
it focused more on one character than it did two. This one tried to go in three directions
and promptly wracked itself over the barbed wire fence.

Mephiste is in itself, a rather prominent figure in Gaia's history of evolving items.
A being shrouded in mystery whose motives and machinations have left us guessing
for years. No one knows what he or she is really after or why he or she does what
they do to Rose and her lover. Seeing them is enough to make any user happy or
at least intrigued in what they are going to do next.

So, why then, was she treated so shabbily? No outfits or poses for Briar other
than hair and a rather unappealing 'scarred eye', what was the point of
including her if you weren't going to give her/us diddly squat in the way of poses?
Why even mention that Rose was some sort of elf if you weren't going to follow up on it?
Clothes, poses, magic, SOMETHING! How about a background? A complete outfit
would be nice!! But no, we get an incomplete outfit and a very prominent figure
utterly wasted.

What the hell happened to the evolving items that would give a plethora of outfits,
mods, backgrounds and stances?!? Where's the Modus Operandi's, the Zodiacal's,
the freaking Alruna's Rose of evolving items?!? And no, recolors do not cover it,
because it's not new! Cant bloody wait for the next hideous recolor you guys come
up with next for this outfit.

Rose Saga got my vote, but it was utterly wasted on this kind of evolution
and I am quite angry about this. But what exactly was the plan here? This
just feels like it was enticed out of the cage and promptly kicked off a ledge
to meet a deadline. Extremely disappointed with how this was handled.
Mephiste's EI needs be treated with more care than this one did!
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Rose Saga biggrin
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