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What's your favorite EI this week?

Parcel Post 0.32944606413994 32.9% [ 226 ]
Zodiacal 0.1734693877551 17.3% [ 119 ]
Paramour's Break 0.091836734693878 9.2% [ 63 ]
Bunnihilation 0.048104956268222 4.8% [ 33 ]
Modus Operandi 0.055393586005831 5.5% [ 38 ]
Song of Amour 0.03935860058309 3.9% [ 27 ]
Polar Tear 0.064139941690962 6.4% [ 44 ]
Wisteria 0.034985422740525 3.5% [ 24 ]
Stinger 0.0072886297376093 0.7% [ 5 ]
Cafe Miam 0.15597667638484 15.6% [ 107 ]
Total Votes:[ 686 ]
This poll closed on April 12, 2013.
No longer accepting new votes.
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We have two updates today: Parcel Post and Cafe Miam
Okay guys, you should know what to do! Please take the time to vote in the poll!

Every so often, there are always Evolving item updates. With all these posts in GCD about Evolving item, it's hard to really know which one is the most popular evolving item. So every week, I will make a poll to find out what is everyone's favorite Evolving item. Think of it like the Billboard Music Chart, instead we're finding what's the top Evolving Item of the week.

And here it is:
Weekly Top Evolving Items - Week of March 29th

1.Parcel Post
3.Paramour's Break
5.Modus Operandi
6.Song of Amour
7.Polar Tear

Total Votes: 795

Spoon: What's your favorite EI this week?
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Zodiacal whee
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Distinct Shapeshifter

My hopes are Cafe will bring in some gender neutral poses~ yum_puddi
Hmmm, to be honest, they are OK, but I can't say I'm impressed.
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Original Gaian

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Magical Cat

I like a couple newer things on Parcel Post, so again... I am voting for Parcel Post.
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Parcel Post is cute, I guess. I don't know, I'm still holding out for more manly REIs.
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2_twins in a ball
My hopes are Cafe will bring in some gender neutral poses~ yum_puddi

Me too, I saw the word cafe and got a little suspicious! Fingers crossed
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Cafe Miam

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I hope Cafe Miam is an all male cafe ITEMS..XD
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Apocalyptic Visionary

Parcel Post

im not hello kitty's avatar

Kawaii Hoarder


keep the cute stuff coming gaia!
Parcel Post.
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I'm interested in the Cafe Miam, but I'm not sure yet, so I voted for the Parcel Post.
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Obsessive Player

Parcel Post today for best.

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