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What's your favorite EI this week?

M's Sketchbook 0.17117117117117 17.1% [ 57 ]
The Cocklebur King 0.20720720720721 20.7% [ 69 ]
Hardhearted 0.036036036036036 3.6% [ 12 ]
Zodiacal 0.16216216216216 16.2% [ 54 ]
Adamant Vault 0.075075075075075 7.5% [ 25 ]
Bunnihilation 0.26426426426426 26.4% [ 88 ]
Emerald Dream 0.021021021021021 2.1% [ 7 ]
Wandering Maestro 0.024024024024024 2.4% [ 8 ]
Tale of Clarion 0.024024024024024 2.4% [ 8 ]
Josie's Journey 0.015015015015015 1.5% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 333 ]
This poll closed on April 25, 2014.
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Adaman Vault is so cool!
beautiful-crystalrainbow's avatar

9,700 Points
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Alchemy Level 1 100
  • Flatterer 200
Adamant Vault is so cool!
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Tehe, I have to say, my immediate favorite part of this report was Dr. Singh's planned visit to the island of Dr. Moreau. Lots of luck with that, Singh. Lots of luck. XD

M's Sketchbook: Okay, M isn't screaming at me this week, so I like her a bit more. I'm so fickle. ^_^; While story-wise this REI isn't the most interesting, I honestly adore the nods to other Gaia items in these descriptions. I thought it was just a one shot thing last week, but here we go again with Agape... clever little things like this really turn it for me. It's like I'm seeing a cannon character being born right before my eyes. Even if it isn't a character I always like, I love the idea behind it... it just seems so cool, thinking of M back there doin' stuff. ^_^ Items! That long brown wig is lovely; I adore curls. The bangs aren't my thing, but there are plenty of ways to fix that, right? The top is a bit of a throwaway pose for me since the style isn't my thing, but I like that it's a different style than I was expecting. And it sure looks comfy! The bag is a nice, functional pose; I like the positioning of the bag. *nod nod*

Bunnihilation: Awww, hello, old friend! This is such an appropriate one for the season; very cute. The items are cute and festive; again, very appropriate! I do wish we could have gotten those chocolate bunny's long brown ears, but the bunny clip is super cute. And we now have a handheld Easter basket! It's always a pleasant surprise to me when this one updates (though it probably shouldn't be, considering... ^_^; ) and it's always a treat to see it evolve!

The Cocklebur King: Oh, finale time! I really like the tone of this ending, especially the attitude of the god of the wild. It just seems so realistic, if I can get away with saying that. I'm surprised to report that I really like the open ended ending to this one; I really hope the two of them were able to find happiness, but from the accompanying art, I kind of doubt it. XD Still, it was a fittingly poignant ending to the story! Let's see about the items... I like that they're sort of a counter set to the King's items. Something about Harte's hair looks a little strange to me in comparison to the other items, but otherwise I've got no complaints. Overall, this was an extremely interesting REI. It certainly kept me involved and interested, despite the fact that these items aren't necessarily a style I would use myself. The quality was good, and I wasn't left with the feeling that there was any pose left out; everything feels nice and complete. Also, I love the inclusion of the finishing art! It certainly helps me guess at the way things worked out, which is super fun. I like feeling involved! ^_^b

It's a really tough vote for me this week, but the King's story is going to win it once again.
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That end of Cocklebur King... It is one of those endings I love to hate... THAT IS NO REAL CONCLUSION! It just left us hanging. Did they end up together or not? WHY DO THAT! I only read the announcements for the story, usually I give up half way through, but I had to know what happened.
I guess they ate each other's animal hearts...
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Yay! Poll time.

M's Sketchbook won me for the first time solely due to the gorgeous book bag and accompanying pun.
I never said I wasn't easy.

As always, thanks so much to all of the artists involved! emotion_kirakira

Delighted and pleased as punch to see an evolution from Bunnihilation, though, also! It's something I definitely plan on using~

And I'm also glad for another Gaia poster from reaper.
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I never vote for Bunnihilation, but I'm relieved for the owners of that EI so much that I had to vote for it this week. rofl
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reapersun gives me bonarz.

Just came in here to say that. I do not vote for any.
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Thank you for the Bunnihilation update! ^0^
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The Cocklebur King
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Bunnihilation got my vote.
Happy Easter
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Cartilage Cage
The Cocklebur King
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Bunnihilation got my vote.
Happy Easter
Bunnihilation got my vote.
Happy Easter
Ugh, is Diedrich still trying to make this holiday all about him? How I loathe that little green monstrosity...
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M's Sketchbook


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