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What's your favorite EI this week?

S-Pop Club 0.25327510917031 25.3% [ 232 ]
Zodiacal 0.099344978165939 9.9% [ 91 ]
Rosamund's Revenge 0.078602620087336 7.9% [ 72 ]
Owlpocalypse 0.070960698689956 7.1% [ 65 ]
Timmy 0.016375545851528 1.6% [ 15 ]
Modus Operandi 0.34934497816594 34.9% [ 320 ]
Case of Pietro 0.068777292576419 6.9% [ 63 ]
Daughter of Snows 0.0382096069869 3.8% [ 35 ]
Prince of the Sea 0.018558951965066 1.9% [ 17 ]
Gary's Island Adventure 0.0065502183406114 0.7% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 916 ]
This poll closed on April 21, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Desirable Millionaire

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Yosh! Modus Operandi got the the most votes dramallama voted up for it, loved the dark theme :3
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Invisible Citizen

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Rainbow Saint

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I will say this about what you've said. There is NO rig item released that holds the standard 16+ poses a REI and a regular EI has so your stating that some RIG items have more is incorrect and miss informed and I won't be counting EI recolors in rigs because there base is a EI.

Rosemonds revenge has 18 poses PLUS a hidden hair pose with ciel:agape's scissors not included in that mix NOT 12. I'm hoping they'll release a sequel to Ero's side of the story at least so we can get more items from that plot line. It's one of my favorites on gaia and yes I do think it's short but REI's came from gaia's demanding a set schedule for EI's since the case and a few others had a horrible time keeping a decent schedule. We are essentially paying extra for the reliability that REI's offer compared to their late 499 regular EI counterparts. I'm also guessing EI's and REI's aren't as profitable as gaia wants them to be and that is partially why we have the price hike across the board for poses for EI/REI's

I wish gaia would slow down a bit as well but they ARE a business. How dare they make items for cash shop release to earn money, to pay bills, pay artists, stay in the black like a normal buisness should. rolleyes

Also RIG's are here to stay as a monthly thing, it's been quoted in a few spots that RIG's are gaia's main mony maker. I'm glad though they've taken a break at RIG'ing EVERYTHING it seemed like. You want that cash shop bundle? There's a RIG tied to that. You want those mood bubbles? There's also a rig tied to that. I don't like RIG's as much as you but I'd rather gaia do them and keep itself alive then not and die.

On topic: Modus Operandi is my favorite this week. The S-club heals suck in my opinion and look awkward and not in the right perspective.
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Ice-Cold Sex Symbol

owlpocalypse...though modus seems interesting
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Blessed Giver

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Beloved Gaian

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S-Pop Club
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Romantic Raider

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prince of the sea
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Quotable Autobiographer

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prince of the sea
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Fashionable Cat

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prince of the sea. cat_redface
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Supportive Cutesmasher

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Timmy, I give him my vote heart
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Fashionable Genius

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Can someone tell me why Modus Operandi did not keep the poses from the first time?
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Unbeatable Elder

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Modus Operandi looks amazing! heart
Jeremy-pdf's avatar

Familiar Prophet

I love this update! These EIs look promising! <3
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High-functioning Shapeshifter

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I really dislike this week's pop club hair.

Modus Operandi is awesomely creative :3

Please evolve older Pietro's soon...

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