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Jayce Reinhardt
Jayce Reinhardt
Jayce Reinhardt
LOL I always laugh when I see people get upset that someone is wearing a set. HOW DARE THEY PUT WHAT THEY WANT ON THEIR AVATAR!...seriously who cares what people put on their avatar. How are they hurting you? I did not realize Gaia had a NO SETS law...President Dierich what have you been passing without our knowledge!! scream

Clearly I have no problems with sets. While I do think some sets are not as fun as others, that's only because I think the items of the set are boring, not the fact they're sets.

I love it when people take a set and do even more with it. ROCK ON!

I even once saw someone take two sets and make an outfit out of them. I wish I could do that but I can't always afford all the items in a set, gold or cash!

I totally love you in like the most non creepy way ever!

Please, Jayce, you're making me blush...and you're burning the food! DON'T BURN MY BURGERS!!

OSHIIII! *flails about and tries to save the meat!*


Am I doing it right?

I don't think that's working! *watches sundeck catch on fire*....but your arms look fantastic! emotion_kirakira
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I love seeing all the holiday/event themed avi's when people make them its so fun and interesting to see n.n
Also I always say wear what you wanna wear as long as your happy cuz really thats all that matters <3
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I love sets. Shortcuts to glamor. ninja
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Oh nos! Everybody runs! I've made an outfit based off a set! gonk
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People wearing complete sets don't bother me. Unless they're in the avatar arena.
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I dig sets when someone adds their own twist to them, which is pretty easy to do - most of the time the face and hair a person adds and various little accessories are what makes that outfit.

With all the recolours now, I think it's a lot of fun to mix and match the same item sets in the different colours. And MCs like Empress Cotton and the Reve Rouille - they're some of my favourites to wear as sets, because they just match each other so well. *w* The Red's Hood recolours and all the Street Bounce items look excellent with two or more poses on an avatar, and my dream avatar used to be all Kottan Bells (and Gimpi hair because that look was so cute).

Why hate on sets? If you can afford it, then you can probably look amazing in all Marionettes or something. (I did that once and felt like I was an exchanger showing off tbh, but I love the Marionettes and frequently use at least two poses together.)

I can understand not liking it in the arenas, though. It's not quite as creative as working out that two different items can match perfectly.
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Oh nos! Everybody runs! I've made an outfit based off a set! gonk

You look like a cute alien thought whee

On the subject, I don't mind equipping 2 items from a set. And.. honestly, depending on the item, one could use several items from a set without having it look like a set. Let's say one person is using some hair, some eyes and a piece of clothing or accessory from the same item. There's still plenty of room left for customizing the hairstyle with scissors & extensions, the eyes with makeup and, if it's some clothes, with some other clothes or modifiers which change it's form.
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Meh unless you're entering the arenas or asking for critiques in AT you can wear what you want
I personally try to stay away from using multiples as I don't find it very creative
I mean those poses where made to go with each other after all

but then who's to really say that using items from the same artist
doesn't count because if they have the same color palette
they were made to go with each other to some degree too

It's because of that slippery slope that I'm not too bothered about sets
or at least I'm less bothered about it than I use to be
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        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.don't scare me!
        i used 2 poses for a set for cosplay. the had the correct ibuki hair and shoes, but not the rest of her outfit.
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I myself enjoy sets actually, I own a few, some aren't complete or anything, but I still have items I own multiples of that have sets in them. I personally think that the artist who made the item wanted the item to be worn as a set, gives a characterization, and in a sense allows you to cosplay as some of the characters in the EIs that they have out there.

I have worn sets, and I'd wear more if I could afford some of the newer sets.

I have a few items I love as sets, Case of Pietro is probably my favorite item out there that makes up sets. From what I've noticed with the outfits available in it, the most of a case of a pietro you'd need would be 9 of them to complete every outfit, and sometimes even some of the SDPlus dolls to complete the alternate looks at that. I do believe the Queen's outfit takes a total of 9 to complete. The reason why I own multiple of one particular item is to make the set, because the items I like as sets have outfits that I really like.

my two favorite set items are Forteanagoria and Case of Pietro, though I am loving the Rookie's Pursuit item, unfortunately I'm unable to get more of them lol. ^^

Rookie's Pursuit is possibly my favorite current item, I usually wear it with every outfit I wear now, because I love the face mod in it, especially since you're able to have a nice face with some beautiful different colored eyes that items have you can equip.
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Oh nos! Everybody runs! I've made an outfit based off a set! gonk

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Jayce Reinhardt
Oh nos! Everybody runs! I've made an outfit based off a set! gonk

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Jayce Reinhardt
Oh nos! Everybody runs! I've made an outfit based off a set! gonk

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


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Who cares. It's your avatar. You want to wear a set, wear a set.
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my avatars are pretty unoriginal anyway so then who cares what people think after that?? question

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