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Why not? It seems to be really relevant to the current situation.

Because the exact same points are brought up in a new thread every single day/whenever there's a GC-related announcement, including the baseless alarmist "Gaia is shutting down! They're exploiting us one last time!" comment. Yes, they're making a lot of money out of this, which is why they try to milk it as much as possible. No, Gaia isn't shutting down, because it's financially flourishing at the moment.
Thank you for saying this. I thought I was the only person annoyed to pieces by the constant "GAIA IS DYING" threads no matter what move Gaia makes.
These threads have happened constantly during my eight-year tenure here, but they're at a mindblowingly annoying level now.
Face facts, people: Gaia's not shutting down. If they were, why would they have brought back several artists, and hired new ones? No, Gaia is just greedy as ********.