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Hello o'GCD~ Here we will be discussing the new sponsor and the items it has released.
It seems that every month, a new "*insert amount" in purchases" item and sometimes a new free item is released.
Soooooo I will be updating this thread every month to include the new items.

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To get the Virtual Piggy Cap, click "Learn More" in the Announcement.
To get the Smokey Corset, register with the site and spend at least 5 dollars.

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Virtual Piggy Cap

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Smokey Corset

April 2013 Item:
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Here is the Announcement for this offer.
To get the Banded Cap, you had to register with the site and spend at least 5 dollars.

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Banded Cap

February 2013 Items:
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To get the Virtual Piggy T-Shirt, click "Learn More" in the Announcement.
To get the Pristine Cuffs, you had to register with the site and spend at least 25 dollars.

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Virtual Piggy T-Shirt

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Pristine Cuffs

"Hey, Gaians! With online shopping and giving becoming more popular each year,
we've teamed up with the folks at Virtual Piggy to give you a look at their
free service that makes spending and saving easy for teens. Check it out and
grab a free item (and sign up and spend to receive a super-rare item)!

It works like this: a parent or teen registers their free account at www.virtualpiggy.com
or www.virtualpiggykids.com. Once the accounts are established, a teen can checkout
on Gaia Online (or other Virtual Piggy partners) with their username and password, and that’s it!

Teens can also log into virtualpiggy.com with their account to track spending, set savings
goals, create a Wishlist, give to charities and much more. It’s always 100% free to use!

So o' GCD, find those items, hookup with this sponsor, and let us discuss!
Are you interested in seeing this new kind of sponsor? It is new I tell you.
I can't remember a time where we had to spend money on another site to get an item.
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It looks more like it's a bank site that you can put money on and you can decide where to spend it after that.

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the shirt is adorable! I'm so curious to see what's that ultra rare item you get for spending gold in the site XD
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тσтαℓ є¢ℓιρѕє σf тнє нєαят yum_strawberry

I wanna know what the item is, hehe! yum_puddi
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I am not a teenager. Thusly, I shall receive these sleeves.

Cue sad face.

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I just wanna know what the super rare item is.
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I think the free t-shirt is cute! I like the colour orange a lot. I'm interested to know what the "super rare item" (as it says) is! whee
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a-are those pale cuffs.......
******** my life i need them ; n;
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I'm just waiting for someone to spend enough to get the 'super-rare' item. I would if I had the spare money. xD
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I am dying to know what this super rare item is ugh.
I need whatever it is. burning_eyes
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looks like it's a site like paypal... for kids? o_O
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♥ ♥

I want to know what super rare item means. XD
The sleeves are nice. I could use them if I wasn't having an obsession
with arm mods. But they are cute.

Oh well, it's something I can't partake in since it has to do with like
keeping money online. Or.. something? I dunno, just sounds like
something I can't do. My mom doesn't approve of any real life money
information online. People better not overprice the s**t out of the
sleeves. Dumbasses.

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gaia please don't make this a regular thing.....D;
I don't trust sponsor sites
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looks like it's a site like paypal... for kids? o_O
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ikr XD

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gaia please don't make this a regular thing.....D;
I don't trust sponsor sites

I don't think it's like regular 'sponsors', it's more like how Ultimate Game Card was a 'sponsor'

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