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keikos v2
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ahh thanks for posting uwu I don't mind, I gotta run to the mp anyway for the stuff I need to update the list with too |D

No problem c: I'll be back if I end up trying another bundle xD

Until then, good luck with the thread! biggrin
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keikos v2

Yeah the characters are really neat in this one! I don't get to play usually but I always check the art!
Ahahaaa I don't know. xD I do like my hair though, at least. I styled it after Rapunzel from the very end of Tangled, when I got mine chopped off too. > u>;;
OMG. That's so much. ; A; I'm an old member who never learned how to exchange and stuff. I get nervous. orz
I'll look those up! But I'm not sure I can stock up. I don't have a lot of gold, really. = u=
Haha, oh well~ I have to get to bed soon. Work tomorrow ughUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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So what is this exactly? A little bundle pack you can buy? Ad for a new anime or gaian story line? whats the deal with this?

I'll explain if you don't mind! Called Chance Items (CIs) by Gaia staff or RIGs (Random Item Generators) by other members, they are exactly as the name implies. They're sold individually or in bundles through the cash shop. You click through them for a chance at a victory and a better prize, or a failure and a consolation prize. Either way you get something! But it might not always be good, even with victories... Sometimes it involves a small game where you have to pick the right option to advance, and others you just click straight through and cross your fingers. This one's a click through one with only a win or fail option! They're all very luck based. Each month they release a new CI, which contains new items and NPCs you interact with by clicking, since each follows a small story line that goes along with the bundle. The stories are typically isolated and don't involve other aspects of the site and introduce new characters each time. This one involves being lost in a forest and you meet the NPC residents and try to get them to help you escape.
Hm... Hopefully that makes sense.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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oooh~ I always usually get my hands on them, whether i'm the first or the last to play them that day, doesn't matter, i'm always in the bunch that gets a chance to play and help out in the finding what where threads uvu I was so shocked there wasn't one immediately that I made my own!
saldasl yeah ; w ; its a lot, but with the flynnflation, it's actually not as much as it used to be anymore fff. now 10m isn't expensive at all around here, and i've been exchanging ever since I joined back in 08, so I know my way around here :3c I still get nervous myself sometimes, and i'm by far one of the worst exchangers around |D but I do it anyway. ahhh well get one when you can :3c they're really cute and they update on fridays iirc. oooh where do you work~? ouo if you dont mind me asking~

Stuffed Lion

thanks a bunch ;w ;

ClockWork Satyr

ahhh.. hmm.. its difficult to explain, I suppose. it's categorized as a 'chance item', and it's literally taking a chance when you buy one. uhh I suppose you could say it's like Flynn's booty/chest in a way, same thing really. you buy the thing, you open it, you click the little clickable image, and then youre met with two paths: "the victory"(good items) and "the failure"(the bad items)
its a chance game, they're called "RIGs" they pop up each month/months(sometimes) and they're little games you play
yes, it's a little bundle of 9 of them that you play, necessarily it isn't a gaian storyline or a new anime, its kind of like a mini-manga ouo with no updating

like in the past the really memorable ones have been:
Love charm
Azrael's Trickbox
The sheryl orange one(cant remember its name)
Midnight Citadel(the previous one before Verdant Grove)
Dark Reflection
Lonely Star
Suspicious Package
and FAMESTAR 2000
i think

basically you buy a single one from the cash shop(usually around 249 gc)
and you go to your invetory in the special tab, and you see the little icon
you open it, and when you scroll down enough after the description it'll say smth like "enter" or "explore" or "choose _____" or something like that, you click it, and it's like a little mini game/comic/thingy alkdfsa its hard to explain D:
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which path and failure/victory did you get them from uwu?
i assume the respective victories?
congrats btw uwu
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I got Wood Sea from a fawn twin victory... heart
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I got Wood Sea from a fawn twin victory... heart

thanks for sharing! uwu heart
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these victories aren't as victorious as i'd have liked them to be emotion_8c
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keikos v2

I hate that 10m is now considered cheap because I can't buy Flynn's booties so it doesn't help me. I just fall further and further behind. xD I've been here since 2oo3 and it's so crazy how much stuff has changed!
I work at halloweencostumes.com or buyfun.com or fun.com. They're all the same company running them. It's neat seeing people wearing costumes around the office sometimes.
For now, bedtime!User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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F - Lila Fa
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The Fawn Twins
V - SDPlus! Gaia Character Collection

V - Verde Vixen
Toro Fail - Dark Forest Style
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ahhh :0 must be hard seeing everything change so much!
also goodnight uwu

average b-side


thanks you two, come back if you play again!
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I've lucked out and gotten the fawn twins twice. I held my breath when I claimed the prize and got Divine Deity and Kyarameru the Purring heart

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