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Let's see who has the most supporters.

Dark Elf's 0.43333333333333 43.3% [ 26 ]
Vampires 0.56666666666667 56.7% [ 34 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
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My base skin, so i kinda owed it to them.
Lazarus Larkin
Dark elves, because I don't trust the politics of the vampires.

And wow, even with all the talk about the recent manga, we're still seeing a 2:1 split in favor of vampires. It seems like all the discussion didn't change many people's minds.

Why would it? Don Kuro is creepy nutball advocating genocide. What's changed, exactly? I don't understand why anyone would want to support him.

Hey, don't look at me! I found it unusual that people were siding with the vampires just over Louie being a vampire, and I'm still confused about people wanting to side with the dark elves due to learning about mother Kuro. I based my decision on factors outside the who's-cutest poll at the time, and so a bit of backstory isn't going to change my thoughts on the matter any.
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Well, Louie LEADS the vampires. Liking Louie and thus joining his side makes some bit of sense. I can also understand why someone might like Louie where I can't really see it with Kuro sweatdrop
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Kawaii Carnivore

^Kuro is interesting and fascinating ! His mind is so twisted that you can t help but want to observe and analyze him ! Which makes him lovable heart ...and one of the numerous reasons to why I joined the Dark Elves.

This should be pretty obvious , but I joined the Elves .Because this side seems so much more interesting and my OCs can perfectly fit in there .Also , I am totally frozen when it comes to vampires : they just ...repulse me, I am sorry to say .Also, many of my previous avatars have been pixies ...And in my opinion, pixies are closer to Elves than Vampires .Just saying .
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Friendly Explorer

I generally don't love vampires so much, but I don't hate them either. Although I love Louie, Ian and Edmund, I still chose dark elves, but not because of the Don. I'm more with Cordell if I had to choose form them... But of course I won't have serious feelings about this. I always liked elves and dark elves and I'm curious of how the manga will finish their story.
I'm pretty curious of the event already. smile
I consider joining the vampires with my mule...
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Shameless Shapeshifter

I haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning toward vampires. The elves appear to be up to genocide, and that doesn't sit well with me.
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Who here likes Code Geass?

Don Kuro's going to perform a Zero Requiem for us.

There we go. Now we have the moral high ground. Fun times.
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I sided with the Dark elves because I'm tired of Vampires.
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I was a vampire from the beginning, so it was only natural.

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