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I have view on because I don't really have a reason to turn it off.

I was on a hiatus for 5-6 years so I love it when people have view on. But even then, sometimes I can't figure out what pose they're using. Like it took me a stupid amount of time to figure out that the devil's trap I kept seeing people using was one of Apotropaic Magic's poses, haha.
I do have mine hidden, but it's been like that pretty much since the option became available. But if someone asks me I am always willing to tell them what the item is. Especially when they're polite about it. In no way to I see it as prying.

I more or less have it on because I did have a 'friend' here way back when try to copy/steal my creations. It was annoying, and to avoid it from possibly happening again. Well, I changed it. It doesn't stop the thievery but it does make it harder!

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oh it's this topic again

tho ontopic I still think hiding your equip list is immature and basic as ********

really yet to hear any reason it isn't that makes sense to me
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i don't know why you'd keep it hidden. idk what the big deal is with hiding your pixel secrets, id rather marvel at your kindness and ingenuity
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I've probably posted in here before, but in case I haven't, I don't like the list to be hidden, I like seeing what items make up an avatar.. especially if I like what one pose is but don't know the name
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I used to keep it hidden since I have bad experience of being copied,
but that was long ago and only once
so now, I shows my equip once again.
with the amount of item now, it is actually hard to be similar to one another

The downside is when I go to exchange or try to sell something
people tried to extreme lowball me probably due to my equip isn't expensive enough emotion_eyebrow

you can always ask people when they have their equip hidden
although having it visible save time and make it more easier for me to check their item

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People claim that its because people "steal their avis."
But I've never seen anyone steal someones avi. And if they did, its 9 times out of 10 because their avi is generic and easy to rip off.
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I find it kind of annoying sometimes, yeah. Like SHEESH GUY I'm not gonna "steal your avi" I just want to know what that one cool pixel piece is.

It just makes trying to find a neat item more obnoxious than it has to be.

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There isn't much point to hiding the items you're wearing because people can just go and ask on the other forums. It's annoying, really, when you want to see what an item is and it comes up that you can't see the item name.
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YES. Because it's super annoying when I see an item on someone else's avvie and I really like it and can't find out! sad
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Oh, I thought I posted in this one. I guess it was the others that pop up every couple months.

"Iym, why is your equip list hidden?"

Thank you for asking user(s). The answer is simple: I CAN.

If people want to know an item/item pose then they should ask me in my non-private inbox/comments/posts.

"Iym, I have social anxiety and don't like talking to strangers."

Alt+F4, then Start Menu, Shutdown, Yes I'm sure, close lid/get up, go outside.

"That's not nice."

Opinion of choice.

This hidden equip list topic is like the abortion debate. Your dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. I support suction and questions.

*drops mic*

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      Not hidden because I don't care if someone steals my avatar, because my avatars change a lot anyways unless I'm lazy or something and they're pretty bland anyways shrugs.

      It's convenient if you don't have your items hidden because then I can go "oh that looks nice" and see what it is, but if you don't that's your own business and I don't care.
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For the longest time I had my equipped list unlocked because people just wanna know the name of an item and it's unfair to just block it altogether. Then, I had people copying my avatar and combinations. I know of at least 8 people who did that s**t to me, and back then it annoyed me greatly because I'd spend good amounts of time on tektek coming up with an avi of my own to then see the ******** outfit being used by someone else at the same time as me.

I blocked it so people could stop copying me, and it worked, but now I don't give a s**t anymore.
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This old chestnut... again.... (next it'll be "art's too expensive" again too.)

Sand Dancer Shaka
I hide mine, because I do (I never post my reason as to why in these threads). It's not a big deal to me when I come across someone else who also hides theirs. Like RL, I'd ask if I really wanted to know and wouldn't just strip some stranger naked to look at the label because asking the question might be awkward.

If I were to take a hiatus and want an update.... I probably wouldn't.. I'd leave all the missed item discovery to serendipity and just keep up with the current releases.

People who are all: "people who hide their equips are immature/selfish/lame/elitist/snobs/silly/stupid/pretentious/etc" are just as much so for saying that. People have a choice, if they choose to exercise it, it's not anyone's right to name call. rolleyes
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If I don't know, I just ask!
If I can't get an answer from a user because messages/prof comments are private or friends only, then I ask someone else.
I forget if I keep mine hidden or not, and either way, I don't care that much. If people want to know, I'll respond to their questions

Your stuff is not hidden 3nodding

I don't care if anyone sees my item list or not.. I think the reason some might keep it hidden is because they 1) don't know about it or 2) don't want anyone to "steal" their avi.

If I'm curious I tektek or ask the user about it.

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