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I've had the same sort of problem lately. I've probably missed over a year of items and sometimes I see something that's like gonk must have!
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I think I allow my avi's items to be viewed. I figure if anyone has the commitment and gold to steal my design, sure, go ahead, I probably won't even see your avi anyway and I probably don't post frequently enough to be spotted and accused of stealing your stolen avi.
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I tried it for a little bit (can't see my items). But I actually like to make it available, and wish others would too. ^_^
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        Honestly don't care either way, I usually just look on Tektek if I'm interested in a hidden item. I keep my wishlist open since I don't think people would steal my avatars, it'd be too much of a hassle.
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This again...

Just ask said user nicely. If he's ignoring/not answering your question, screenshot that user's Avi and go to the site questions and assistance or avatar talk forums with it. Ppl can help you out there.

It's a free option and all are free to use it.
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I let my equipped items to be shown- It makes them say:

"How did you get those items?!?"
"Cool avi"
"*Scratches head*"

Sometimes, I'm not content with items, and look at people's equipped and obtain one of their items in the marketplace- If it fits into my style, that is. Don't forget if I can afford it, or the price is reasonable.

I don't steal people's styles... Unless you have a dream avi and most of the time, I am able to show it off like "Ha-ha!" But I only did that to a mule. *Laharl laugh*
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I have mine hidden for a long time now..too lazy to change it. blaugh
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I'm not sure if you can see my equipped items in the drop down list beside my avatar. Didn't even realise that was an option until I read this thread, lol.
I do have it shown on my profile though. I don't see the point of hiding it. Like, so what if someone copies your avatar. It's just pixels on a screen XD
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Feel free to browse my wares. You will never see me hide my equip list except on my cosplay mules. For cosplay, it can be annoying to see your work ripped and posted to the cosplay arena. For non-cosplay avies? I don't see the point in hiding my items. Besides, I LIKE showing off what items I own because I worked hard to obtain them. emotion_dealwithit .
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I used to have my equip list hidden but I got a lot of PM's about what I was wearing and got sick of responding. The moment I made it visible--the PM's stopped (for the most part, I'll still answer PM's about makeup combo's and more subtle stuff). I pretty much only have mine visible because I'm a jerk who doesn't want to talk to anyone.

However, being an ATer I do like visible equip lists so I can figure out what an item is to address by name in a rate.

I've been copied before and I'm kind of hard pressed to give a s**t. Then again none of my avatars take anymore than 15-20 minutes to make so it's not like all my haaaaaaaard work is being STOLEN. /dramadramadrama

who caresssssss
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la tromperie
¤§¤»Do you allow viewing of your currently equipped items? Why/why not?¤§¤

I do now, but there was a time I didn't. Some of it was funny (a guildmate would announce what type of underwear your avatar was or not wearing if you didn't have it blocked) and I did have a couple of avatar tricks that got hijacked. It no longer really matters to me.

la tromperie
¤§¤And how do you personally catch up on what items have been released when you've taken a wee Gaia break (or not so wee, in my case lol )?¤§¤

I stopped being active in 2010, and actually left in 2011. I only just came back. It's pretty rough, I haven't even begun to catch up.
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A lot of time if they don't let you view it's still listed in the source code on their profile. Saves time having to write a bunch of PMs.
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I allow viewing of my equipped items because...well, I don't know why. I guess I'm just too lazy to change it. I don't mind when people don't allow it, I can understand why they do it. If I want to know what an item is, I can find it on Tektek pretty fast.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

| I leave it on on both of my accounts.

I really dont care about someone stealing my look or any of that shallow bullshit.

I lost the desire to be a special snowflake a while back.

If I find someone with the outfit hidden I just look it up on tektek.
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I allow the items I have equipped to be viewed. It's not like someone is going to copy my avatar, and if they do so what.

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