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I've had to make a few threads asking what some
items are. Layering can be confusing at times, but usually I can guess.
If someone asks me about mine, I have no problem letting them know.
I suppose I just like the mystery~
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I always allow my viewing cause people may like to know what im items Im using. Its always frustrating when I cant see the items list is i see a pose I really love but dont know what it is
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*copied from what I posted in the other thread about this not too long ago*

"When the option first became available I was like hmmm, interesting and clicked it. I've never changed it back, I'm that lazy and no amount of bitching will ever make me go in and change it. It's not because I'm elitist, worried someone will steal my outfit or any of the other reasons people list. I just feel it's not important enough to go and change."

Although I was especially nice yesterday and changed it for someone real quick because I was far too lazy to explain my items. I have since changed it back. emotion_awesome
I also was out and don't recognize things sometimes. I've tried asking two separate times and gotten ignored. Either the thread was moving too fast (it was during an event) or they didn't care or both.
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Mine are blocked. The reason doing so is cause i had people in the past begging me for items/gold.
Once i blocked my list they stopped begging me. So i keep it blocked.
New items i look up the GCD item list. I usually know a lot but some items i don't.
If i don't know an item i will ask or just keep looking.
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I have my equipped list visible!! UvU

it bugs me when people don't, because I use it as a quick jump to the mp from the forums
I (am ashamed to admit) recognize probably 85% of gaia's items on sight
so unless someone has a totally cluttered avatar or some odd layering I've never seen before, I probably know what item it is they're wearing

I have asked people what they were wearing in the past, and gotten a few rude answers but most of the time people are nice about it. (though a couple times I never got a response...)

besides, even if someone has their equip list hidden and won't respond and/or won't tell you what they're wearing, you can always screenshot their avatar and ask in the forums.

so I really see no point to having it hidden at all
but to each their own I guess
It's the most annoying thing when something cool is seen on an avatar but I have no idea what the item is because I don't keep up on all of the crud Gaia taunts our wallets with.

I go "Hey, View that sexy ho's avatar cool "

They go "No."

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Cry me a river op
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I just realized I had mine turned off. I don't really care one way or the other, so I turned it back on. xd

I like being able to see items people have equipped as well.
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Someone should necro all the other threads like this and flood the front page with them, would be funny and a nice change from 'item lists/discussions' that already flood the place.

xd Seeing as it's about once a month, it'd fill up fast.

I don't care to hide mine, never have. If someone wants to hide theirs, whatever. It can be annoying but I just use tektek to find it, especially since it's become a lot more organized recently.
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I haaaaate when people have their equip list disabled. I hate it hate it hate it. I have mine viewable, AND I made a point to put it in my profile too. It's one feature I honestly wish would go away. emotion_8c
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User Image User Image

- - - - -

            I have mine hidden because Gaia gave me the choice to. No other reason than that. I'm always more than happy to point people in the items direction if they have questions.

            What makes me giggle are the people who reeeeally let it get to them and get all flustered about it. xd

♥ YUM! ♥
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I keep mine hidden because I want it so mostly. I really don't understand the sense of entitlement to make that decision for me.You could probably find the item simply enough if it isn't densely layered or by screenshot and asking someone in the Avatar talk forum. I would probably answer questions about an item but I'm not likely to give a full list.
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truth be told i kinda hate that function. im off and on Gaia quite a bit so I miss basically every release... so when i do troll the forums for pretty avatars i'm constantly starry eyed and very disappointed when they have their items hidden. I'm not trying to poach anyone's style, things just catch my eye. I feel kinda sorry for people who take whole avatars, I don't think it's even necessary with all the variety these days. not even noobs looks the same anymore.
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I swear this is the fifteenth time I've seen this thread...

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