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I don't know why people have a problem with someone 'copying' their avi... I mean, imitation is the best compliment!

If people are willing to check out the items I'm using, and determine which I am using for what certain poses, I don't mind. If I see someone with the same avi as me - which is extremely unlikely - it doesn't really matter. It's probably not the exact same, and I change my avi around often enough that it doesn't matter.
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I make my equipped list visible 'cause I like stalkin' others' equipped lists.

Frankly, the chances of someone actually ripping off my avis is pretty damn low, and if someone gets ideas from my avis (HAHAHA) then I feel flattered heart
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went insane when I came back ! any hidden.. went searching the forms and Mp Spent days looking "shy lurker" whee I never hide my items ninja
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i am a speshul snowflake and no peasant will ever know what garbs a royal (ROYALS) like myself wears

how dare u !
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i don't always get why people hide their list but what i get even less is why some people call those do who hide their list "assholes". for the love of god it's like wearing a coat and people shame you for not displaying your underwear to the world.

it's a bit gray area but in the end it's no one's business if someone chooses to hide their list. call them attention seeking or whatnot, that's just your opinion

i do leave my list open though, because i just don't care. but i care even less about what other people wanna do with their lists.
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I didnt before.
Then I had several people copy my avis item by item.

Once I saw this guy at towns (in an address I regularly hung out on), he had exactly the same avatar. I asked him about it and told me, oh sorry. I copied your avatar cuz I liked it smile
Then another time I got a comment asking about what shirt my avi had on (I dont think the view equipped items was already available then) and his avatar was 1 item away from looking exactly the same as mine lol
This happened again after I answered another girl's question at an exchange thread. some days later I see her having exactly the same avatar clothes/accessories I had on, only with a different hair User Image
So far I only had 1 person who actually asked my permission to "copy" my avatar and tweak it a bit.
It felt better being asked so yeah. emotion_dowant
I'd prefer that people exert some sort of effort on it blaugh
And I kinda like finding out about the decent people in gaia redface

I do answer, whenever people ask me about an item c:
And I don't get butthurt when people have their equipped on hide as well.
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I dont really care :/

I hve mine open and if I see someone and check their equipped list then it is not bc I wonder what item it is....

I check it bc I want to look up the price the easy way biggrin

If they have their equipped list hidden though...I have to go to mp and type the name in myself.
I know the items by heart so it doesnt matter if someone tries to "hide" their list from me x'D
I am just lazy!
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I always seem to answer in these, lol. I have mine hidden after a string phishing pms that were sent my way. Since I hid the list it seemed to have stopped. I have no problem answering what any item is what for anyone who sends me a message, posts in my comments on my profile or quotes me in a forum. But seriously, my list is also visible in my profile.... which is public.
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Someone should necro all the other threads like this and flood the front page with them, would be funny and a nice change from 'item lists/discussions' that already flood the place.

As for the matter at hand in here, I don't have my items hidden, see no point in it, since I've been here I've never seen anyone use this hair (not including Axel Cosplays), or many avi's with the Tiger-like appearance (I'm Were-Tiger).

I just think people who hide either do so cause they think they are better then everyone, trolling to piss others off, or just because they can. Even though my items are visible I still get questions as to what I'm wearing, can't blame them, the list it gives doesn't really say exactly what you're wearing like it does when you're changing your avi.
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I hide mine, because I do (I never post my reason as to why in these threads). It's not a big deal to me when I come across someone else who also hides theirs. Like RL, I'd ask if I really wanted to know and wouldn't just strip some stranger naked to look at the label because the question might be awkward.

If I were to take a hiatus and want an update.... I probably wouldn't.. I'd leave all the missed item discovery to serendipity and just keep up with the current releases.
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I have never done this, but when I show off glitches, I tend to layer on items not related to it to throw people off; that list shows what is used, not how or in what numbers.
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I leave mine for the world to see because it's just not that serious to me. I'd rather you look and see what I have on than PM me about it. lol

When I need to get familiar with new items, I go play around on tektek and that brings me up to speed pretty quickly.
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I never got butthurt over that because there's always tektek, it's not particularly difficult to find that item.

Some people find some nice layering combinations and I've seen people copying avatars before. I so I understand.
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I hide mine because I'm in the cosplay arena a lot and I'm afraid that someone will copy that particular cosplay. It's a legitimate fear of mine because I put weeks of work into a cosplay and to have it copied in a manner of seconds is something I don't want to deal with.

But it's not only that. Some of the items I have are really expensive and rare and I've had people beg for them when my list was viewable. To stop that, I hid my list so they wouldn't beg me for everything on my list. I know they're still recognizable on the avatar itself, but there are still others that would be on the list people would beg for.
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I honestly dont care if you copy me. I would be flattered really. There used to be a time where I would periodically turn off my equipped list, but now I always keep it open. I really dont get begging messages or phishing pms anymore because of a viewable list, and in my opinion I think someone would still ask you for your valuable items even if its hidden.

I dont really spend time pming someone about their items. This stems from the few times in my newbie days when my message was completely ignored or their response was "why should I tell you? you'll never afford it."

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