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I always show my equip list, and if I can't ask the person whose wearing something about their item I'm interested in I ask the AT.

They always know what everything is it seems lol
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I always have my equipped items viewable because I get frustrated when I can't find out what an item is on an avatar. I once had someone leave me a comment asking what a certain item was on my avatar, even though I had my equipped items viewable. xD

I never take breaks from Gaia, so I never miss out on newly released items. I am online daily. It's a bad habit, and more so probably an addiction.
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I show and hide my equipment list from time to time.. But I do reply promptly to the people that ask what I am wearing..
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I am the embodiment of fear and evil

I keep mine public because I don't give a flying fig whether or not someone wants to steal my avi or not. lol

It only ever annoys me when I really want to find out a certain item and the only people I ever see wearing it has their equip lists hidden. Usually I'll look on tektek, but there's one that's been stumping me. I asked the person on their profile but they never got back to me. *shrugs* Oh well.

of the House of Demonic Dreams
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I allow people to view my avatar items. I'm not so deluded that hiding it will prevent imposters (since the name update years ago that prevents similar names), my avatar being copied or being 'hacked'. Plus, the more well-know certain items are, the more likely they'll increase in value. Gaia even said we don't own any item or combination of items in the ToS. People these days are so fragile.
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la tromperie

So tell me. Do you allow viewing of your currently equipped items? Why/why not? And how do you personally catch up on what items have been released when you've taken a wee Gaia break (or not so wee, in my case lol )?


Welcome back ^^
I half not wanting people to look at what I equip,
but I also like to check people's equip, so this is how it end up
they are on my profile only, at least I think it is more fair this way
it is still viewable just more hidden

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I only show mine because who the ******** would want to copy me? Yeah sure, copy the a*****e sheep of Gaia. Have fun with that.


...Well that and easy way for me to check prices on my items.
I don't mind showing my items, though I doubt anyone would want my avis anyway. xd And I have seen people steal entire outfits, so I can understand why people are wary of showing their equipped list. It usually isn't TOO hard to figure an item out, anyway.

Though also I have seen and experienced first hand, asking what a certain item is and getting told they do not disclose any items- quite rudely told, in fact. gonk I just wanna know what that cute item is, I'm not out to steal your outfit! So while I know it happens, I think some people might be a bit too paranoid sometimes. Or perhaps full of themselves? I'unno. I find that to be the most silly, the people who won't even tell others what something is when they've hidden it, versus actually hiding it. It has certainly caused me frustrations sometimes when I cannot for the life of me figure an item out that looks just lovely.. Especially when I first returned from my own hiatus of nearly a year, and there was just so much I missed. @w@

Hey it's this thread again!

I don't remember anymore if I've allowed other people to view my items. Possibly, I've nothing to hide. (EDIT Seems I've allowed it, go me.)

Call me little insensitive or something, but "I hide my list, but people can always ask, desu" kind of solutions always felt little... attention seeking-ish to me. Also, is it that someone just might want to use some of the same items you use, inspired by you, so dangerous? "But I worked so hard for my look, and copying is EVIL". Ok ok... oh, the first world problems.

I'm Perfectly fine if someone wants to hide their items. It doesn't stop me from bitterly snickering at most of the reasoning this choice gets, however. Too much unanswered asks about items, you see. I'm bitter thing.
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I can understand why people do it. It doesn't bother me at all.
People will copy and if you're in the arena it's a problem.

I've seen some people using copying avatars to troll people, they'll be drama between 2 people and one of them will make a separate account/mule with a nearly identical name (I'm not sure if you can have similar names now, you used to be able to) and avatar to troll the other person (and if the names are close enough on quick glance) they'll even try to trick the other persons friends.

I used to hide mine a long time ago because I used to be active in the CB and people would look at your equip list, if they see a few expensive items, they'll spam your PMs with scams, begging or worst case try to hack you. (some people might leave it hidden, as a hold over from the old days?)

If I really want to know an item I just screencap it and post in Q&A or AT.
AT know all the items and you'll literally have the answer in a matter of minutes (sometimes less than that, every time I've posted an item question in there I've had the right answer in no time at all).

To be honest I don't think it's really any different from seeing something cool in someone's sig but I don't know what it is. I'm not going to throw a hissy fit (not aimed at OP) because there's no button that automatically tells me. I'll ask them or someone else or try to google it...

As for catching up on items...I've never really taken a hiatus from Gaia so I don't know the answer to that. but Ridley's Master Lists would probably be my first port of call.
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i keep it always visible. everyone has different reasons for hiding or showing it, but i just don't give a s**t about this whole thing.
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la tromperie
»Hey GCD,.
So tell me. Do you allow viewing of your currently equipped items? Why/why not? And how do you personally catch up on what items have been released when you've taken a wee Gaia break (or not so wee, in my case lol )?

I used to hide my equipped list, even though it's always been viewable in my profile page, but I don't really care too much anymore, so I don't hide it now.

This thread should be a big help to you for seeing a lot of the new releases while you were gone.
The Master Chance Item List.
There are links in the first post to other wonderful lists that Ridley made, all of which should be useful as well.
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I use mine as a conversation starter. I usually don't have my item list available.
Whenever someone reaches out to me about it, I'm more than happy to let them know - sometimes crossing my fingers that's my next possible acquaintance
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I'm pretty sure people can see my equipped items.
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    If you're stumped, I'd honestly just ask the person. The
    worst they can say is no. And there really is no reason to be
    scared to tell someone who is curious anyway. Mine is not
    hidden and I still get people asking me what item I'm wearing.

    idk, mang. I just dk.

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