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*sighs* I hid mine the very first day that the option became available and I've just never bothered to go and change it. It just doesn't seem like that big a deal to me. Its easy to find out what an item is by either asking the user or taking a screenshot and posting in Q&A. I did that the other day to find out what pair of shoes a user was wearing. I ended up getting my answer within a minute. Whatever reason a user has to hide their equip list is their business and no one should be berated for using a feature on Gaia just because someone else doesn't like it.
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I'm silently judging everyone based on whether or not they have their equipped list visible
It has nothing to do with being a special snowflake. Most people find it annoying to be copied. People trying to win avatar contests would be even more likely to find this annoying but many other people consider avatar making a creative outlet of sorts and having avatars copied frustrates them in a similar fashion to how it annoys people to have their art copied.

I had my list concealed for a time because someone was determined to copy nearly every avatar I made over about a four month period of time. If I kept the list hidden, she mostly just made fail clone attempts rather than copying them item for item and even then, even if I just inconvenienced her by making her search for item for ten minutes, I guess I considered it a petty little revenge for having her obsessively copy me.

To be honest, I find it more annoying that people get so rabidly up in arms over hidden lists than annoying people hide them. I've gotten a lot of PMs about specific items despite that my list is visible. I always answer them politely. Just as people wonder where we hang out that we get copied so much, I tend to wonder where others hang out to get snapped at so much. @__@ If the people hiding their lists are special snowflakes with an over inflated sense of self importance, then surely people who rage over the lists being hidden are special snowflakes with an over inflated sense of entitlement.

In the end, it's not like you're entitled to know what other people are wearing anymore on Gaia than you're entitled to it in real life so what's the big deal? There's never been a time I haven't been able to eventually figure out what an item was with enough careful searching. And if it means that much to you, you should be willing to put in the effort to locate the item or ask about it.
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I don’t hide my equip list, but I can understand the need to . some times you just have a combination of items you want to keep to yourself because you thought of it or found it its special.

Plus as others have mentioned its not that hard to just ask them or in the q and a. Or go to tek tek and find it.
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I've never bothered to hide mine, and I've had others copy. As coco channel said "Imitation is the highest form of flattery"
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Because they can and they will and it's never going to stop.
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Usually it doesn't bother me if someone hides their equipped list. I usually end up going to tektek and searching through items until I find what looks similar. It's usually a pretty new item, so I don't often have much trouble finding it. Granted, tektek doesn't have everything, even some older items (I'm looking at you warm hearts muff). But usually you'll find what you're looking for.

That said, I ended up being slightly irritated in this particular thread because several people have on an interesting item or two, and I was tempted to check to see what they had equipped until I realized that they posted in here to explain why they had their equipped list hidden. xd Like, where did my logic go?
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Again? Seriously not only is this topic talked about sooooooo damn often, like twice a month since the feature came out at least, but this is like twice in the same week.

I've said this a few times, I keep mine hidden because it irritates people that much. It's no not about entitlement or that I'm better than you (I'm not), it's no longer about me entering the arena, nor do I really care if someone copies me. It's because people keep complaining about it and have the tendency to act like they're the ones entitled to know who has what items on at every given moment. It shouldn't be that big of a deal, and for some reason it is to some. Just ask. The worst that happens is that you're back where you started.

I've never, not once run into someone who'd bite my head off for asking what an item is. I'll never bite someone else's head off for asking me, either. And I have had people ask me from time to time. People aren't always as mean as you'd think. Also, chances are if I can't figure out what an item is someone else will be wearing that item as well and they usually have their list viewable- it's rare that I'd come across more than one person equipped with the same item with hidden lists.

Also if you're afraid to ask the person directly, it's not that hard to save the avatar in question and ask other people what x item is, if you really must know.
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          I leave my equipped list available, I would almost definitely know if someone completely copied me. But if people want to use a combo they see me wearing I'm glad that they can figure it out from my list. But I don't care if other people hide theirs, it doesn't hurt me.
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It really annoys me too. In fact, I either already have a hunch what the item is or I can find out easily. It's just much more time consuming.

I have mine set so people can see what I'm wearing. I used to hide it, but after a while didn't see the point. It's just aggravating!

So what if you've discovered an awesome item combo? Either someone else has done it already or someone will copy you whether you hide it or not. You kinda risk that when you display your avi for all to see.
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I don't know if I hide mine anymore or not.
I know I used to because I was fed up with everyone hiding theirs.
Then I realized I had nothing of importance on me.
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Some people do a glitch or something witht ehir avi and dont want others to copy.

They wanna be unique.
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I keep mine public because if you think my avatar is so clever that you have to copy it, then I'm flattered. Or better said, I don't actually care.
If you just wanna know what an item I'm wearing is, then that's also cool. It's just pixels. Even if I paid RL money to own some of these pixels in order to put them together into an avatar, it's still just pixels.
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The one I'm using now is a common cosplay, so I don't really care if someone else copies what I've got going on.
I leave my items open for investigation.[at least I THINK I've got that option enabled.....]
Anyways, yeah, my original avatar, is one that most people don't feel like copying in any case, so I see no need to hide my avi no matter which one I'm using.

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