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    this. so much.
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I hate it too, but I've learned to live with it. And I've learned ways to circumvent it sometimes, depending on the person's profile. If they have an old school profile layout, I can bring up the code and see what they have equipped. Sometimes in the new profile layouts, they'll have their equip list available there for some reason.

So yeah. Check their profile as a last effort. If not, oh well.
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      ✦ idc if my equiped list is hiden i didnt mean to, i dont even know lol
      pls jus go on tektek n look not a big deal
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dude this thread has so many posts and i still get tipped sometimes..
I hide it before when glitching / ghosting still exists.

But no, now I don't.

Super tired to PMs asking me what I am wearing.
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At times I dislike it since I want to know what someone is wearing, but now I just kinda give up and try to look for the item on my own. Eventually I'll get lucky and someone else who is wearing it will end up letting me see what it is, or I'll see exactly what it is on Tektek.
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omg juliet stop
dude this thread has so many posts and i still get tipped sometimes..

Is that why you necro'd it?
I used to have my equipped list out in the open for people to see, but since somebody recently copied a lot of items from my avatar, I decided to hide it.

That and I do like the fact that hiding my equipped list means that person is welcome to send me a message asking what I'm wearing. That usually leads to good conversation on both ends.
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omg juliet stop
Spirit Crusher

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I just want to go on the record to say that I hide mine fore SEVERAL reasons...
a:hackers...these guys know how much my avi is..it could be a bad day for me.
B: I HATE copy cats...or someone stealing an item I like only o just to spite me and wave it around saying there avi is better and yada yada yada. It's why I wont touch the art of espionage for another month or so because everyone just had to clone my avi.
C: towns....nuff said.
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The only time I ever get upset by this, is when someone posts in a Word Game where you need to know the item list (for the 'stealing' games, the 'we both own this item' games or the 'create a new version of this persons avatar). Otherwise, it's not that big of a deal.
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Heh, people who hide their list and say it's an opportunity for them to be messaged and start a conversation assume that the person looking for the item would be okay with having a conversation.

I would not be okay with this. I'd rather look for someone else who has the item and has their list public (on the tab or on their profile).
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        ~ this is a friendly reminder that you do not have monopoly or copyright on item combos, neither are you a genius for coming up with one, and that you come off as an a*****e if someone asks you and you don't want to answer ~
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well that was a several month necro.

Me, never did once I hide my equipped list. IDGAF is someone elses copies my avi (imitation is the best form of flattery).

Edit: As if a lot of users wanna be a lookalike of a Lovecraft entity anyways rofl
yeah it is quite odd. I mean I can see why, but I think it's being a bad sport
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I used to hide mine. But, I got frustrated that 80% of the time when I see people who have an item that I wanna buy, they're equipped list is hidden. It irks me as well. I once asked this girl what the name of her legs were (Dylene Poissonne) and she told me to find it myself using Tektek or something. I wanted to punch her in the face. It would've taken her less than a second to just TELL me what it was. I don't understand why some people are so protective of their outfits or items when there are plenty of other people who are wearing it as well. You're not special. You're not the only one wearing it, who is gonna wear it. Just tell me!

Edit: But, I think I'm gonna hide it again to protect myself. Not from copy cats. Idc about them. I change my outfit often.

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