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Lea Florens
I don't hide my avatars...then again, I've never known if I had my avatar copied. Not that I'd be upset over that, since I don't join the avatar arenas anyway.

Speaking of the topic at hand, thank you for not hiding yours! Somehow I managed to miss that magnificent background you have on! *gets two* whee

XD Welcome. I have a weakness for backgrounds - couldn't resist it as well!
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A necro'd topic that needed necro'd!

Good job somebody who wanted to talk about this subject without making a new thread.

I am proud.

As far as the toipic itself is concerned:

Yes, equipped lists are useful.

But, no equipped list just means I ask the person what the item is.

I've never had anyone (with a hidden e-list) refuse to tell me what item they are wearing.
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i see ur avi and think handr block tax service lol
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That feel when you were gone for three years and thousands of items were added that you know nothing about...

I was pretty miffed when I first saw all of these items and couldn't find their names anywhere, but all you really have to do is narrow your search parameters to what you are looking for.

For instance, If you wanted to find the shirt that I am currently wearing:

1. Go to the marketplace
2. Change the filter to "tops"
3. Adjust the price floor and ceiling based on what the avi is wearing (Floor=1000000 Ceiling=5000000)
4. Items that can be worn on your torso that are between 1Mil and 5Mil will be displayed, all you really have to do is look.

This method takes a little bit of time, but it ultimately results in you finding what you are looking for.

Gaia took the time to make a list of tags for every item, so even a vague search will show you what you are looking for, just don't expect the pose your are looking for to be the thumbnail.

I have my equipped list hidden just to make the people who legitimately hide their lists angry, but I am always happy to tell anybody what I have equipped in a PM.

Heck, I'd just go to tektek, hit the Dream Avatar thing, and sort by black tops. It's worked more than a few times.
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Exactly, if you really want to know what the item is, just go to tektek instead of ranting. Heck, after a few searches you'll start memorizing them anyways.
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I admit that I have mine set to hide too but I had an issue with someone on my friends list constantly mimicking me and trying to start crap in forums dressed like me. If you want to know what my avi is wearing, feel free to ask. I really don't mind. I love getting messages and starting conversations with random people. That's what a social site is for. I don't think you should ever be afraid to message someone.
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Well, is not only the reason of being stole, but the fact, there's still people with "wannabe" issues and I guess that thinking a lot about certain outfit and then see another with the same, do offends.
And as many have suggest you always have the option to comment or Pm the person and gently ask as a fast way.

I'd never had a rude response for asking as well never had give a rude response for getting them.
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I just set mine on hide recently because I wanted to be an a**.

Really, that was my reason.
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I've also had my avatar copied before. And if you really think this is a case of unwarranted self-importance, think of the audacity that comes with your feeling ENTITLED to know the origin of every pixel on me. It goes both ways.
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I hid my equip list because the option is there and my avatar is my business. emotion_donotwant
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because avis r srs bsns
only fags hide their equipped items
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It does make me rage a little. emotion_donotwant I mean, I don't bother hiding it.

But then again not a lot of people can afford to steal my avi. dramallama
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I hide mine. Mostly because I dont see any good reason not to. *shruggs* I just have to go and be different all the time. cool
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Lapin Lequesne
I just set mine on hide recently because I wanted to be an a**.

Really, that was my reason.

No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Same here. I have mine hidden to be an a** because of how upset it makes people. I find it hilarious. heart

Moriarty was REAL!

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