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Mine is always visible but I completely understand why someone may hide their equp list due to having their avatar stolen and then submitted to the avi arena. I have seen it happen and its more common then you would think. ESPECIALLY in the cosplay arena. sweatdrop

Well anyway, I do get annoyed when I see an item I love but have no idea what it is. Usually when that happens, not only can I not see a equip list, I can't even see the user's profile and comments are turned off. crying I swear I run into this problem every other day. sweatdrop
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It's always a treat when this thread is bumped. stare I don't hide mine because I don't care. If you hide yours, I also don't care.
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I hide mine cause I've had my whole avi copied before .____.


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Fire 0ak
I really don't understand how it is so infuriating to others. Its just a personal choice that they some leave it hidden and If that isn't to be respected then what is? Some hiding their list does not prevent anyone from searching for that item or finding other means to get the information. I liking being able to hide my equiped list. I don't understand what peer-pressuring people who are happy with what they've decided accomplishes.

It's because they're so entitled they've gone crazy.
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I can't recall if mine is hidden or not... @_@

I can understand the frustration. I have a habit of looking at equip lists of avatars I find outstanding. I'm always searching for a new item to chase after.

If it's hidden, I just move on. It's generally not enough for me to bother much over.
I feel a bit sad when I see an item i'd like myself, click the avi to find out what it is and find out they've hidden it. I'm too shy and can't be bothered to ask them what it is redface

but...I do it myself and I don't really know why sweatdrop
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I don't hide my avatars...then again, I've never known if I had my avatar copied. Not that I'd be upset over that, since I don't join the avatar arenas anyway.
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I don't really mind when someone hides there equipped list. Usually if someone has an item I like but has hidden their equipped list, it won't be long until I see someone else with the item, and then I just have to check theirs instead.

As far as I remember, mine isn't hidden. I don't have a reason for not hiding it though.

            ` hello~
            i really hope you don't mind me asking... but is it okay if i use some of your items?
            (i prefer to not look at the equipped list out of consideration for privacy, even if it is available for viewing)

            ` from a simple scan of your avi i'm guessing you're wearing wisteria, keiko's cake, and some rabbit thing
            (forgot the name. someone smack me XD)

            ` i really do apologize for taking up your time~
            this is a superlate reply as i've just seen this forum....
            i'm so, so, so sorry!! >.<

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I don't understand why people get so upset over this. Even if there weren't a million other ways to find out what a user might be wearing without that little dropdown menu option, I still couldn't fathom why people get so angry they have to make all kinds of holier-than-thou insults directed toward anyone who might be hiding their equipped item list. First of all, you don't know that user's life. Back off with the insults. For crying out loud. You look ridiculous. Secondly, you are not entitled to other users' item information. I'm not sure why you might think you would be, but you're not. So..?

            ` that's

            ` what

            ` she

            ` said

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          ● I hide mine so that nobody can see my avatar's underwear redface
          I'm joking. lol

          But either way, I just hide it to hide it. There were instances where people copied my avatars.
          But let's be honest. Before, they did not even have an equipped list option, unless they showed it on their profile.
          If people wanted to know the new items, they should look at the announcements and all the rig items. The newer items are generally rig items, or they are from the gold shop.
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I really don't see the big deal with hidden equip lists. If I think an item is cool and they have the list hidden, I'll inbox them, or I'll quote and ask on the thread. I'm not sure if mines is hidden or not and personally I don't care.

There was one time back in 07 I had my avi copied (besides doing a twin thing with my friends) but it's just pixels. I wasn't too caught up about it, I just changed my av.
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That feel when you were gone for three years and thousands of items were added that you know nothing about...

I was pretty miffed when I first saw all of these items and couldn't find their names anywhere, but all you really have to do is narrow your search parameters to what you are looking for.

For instance, If you wanted to find the shirt that I am currently wearing:

1. Go to the marketplace
2. Change the filter to "tops"
3. Adjust the price floor and ceiling based on what the avi is wearing (Floor=1000000 Ceiling=5000000)
4. Items that can be worn on your torso that are between 1Mil and 5Mil will be displayed, all you really have to do is look.

This method takes a little bit of time, but it ultimately results in you finding what you are looking for.

Gaia took the time to make a list of tags for every item, so even a vague search will show you what you are looking for, just don't expect the pose your are looking for to be the thumbnail.

I have my equipped list hidden just to make the people who legitimately hide their lists angry, but I am always happy to tell anybody what I have equipped in a PM.
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Gah, I HATE that! I hate having to ask what something is - heck, sometimes I've even used the equip list as a shortcut to the MP, when I see an item I've been meaning to buy! xD

I always leave it on, and I'm happy to answer questions, especially since I tend to have four-line equipped lists and sometimes even I'll look at it and go "I know I have that evo on, but what pose is it again?" When I get stumped, I just screenshot and host it, then make a Q+A thread, asking. They've only failed me once, and I think the issue was it was an old item that looks much better on male avvies than female. :*(
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Lea Florens
I don't hide my avatars...then again, I've never known if I had my avatar copied. Not that I'd be upset over that, since I don't join the avatar arenas anyway.

Speaking of the topic at hand, thank you for not hiding yours! Somehow I managed to miss that magnificent background you have on! *gets two* whee

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