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The sugar cookie pose in Mrs. Claus's SD+ Doll. Holy crap, that's an awesome looking cookie. It has these browned edges that make it look homemade and there's a bite taken out of it too. It looks great with both seasonal and chef avatars. Seriously, I plan to use it all year with Keiko's Cake kitchen BG pose, because it looks nice with it. The green is kind of overpowering, though. Hmmm, that's all I can think of, right now.
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Adnama Lavode
After leaving Gaia for almost 3 years, I came back and was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of new items there were. I still find new ones pretty frequently. My wishlist has doubled in size since I came back. lol

I haven't left, and I'm overwhelmed... new items come out so frequently that I barely pay attention. a quick glance, search for what I know will work with my avatar... then I see items I just do not recognise.

Time was, that I could see any item and know where it was from, what year, when it was released roughly and what format it came out in. That was then... now, I wade through it all like an escaped puppy. Loving everything it sees, but utterly lost among it al.
I'm always, always on top of new items.
Discovering a never-before-seen item just never happens to me.

I used to be that way, even with EI's, but then I took a break for a few months, and could never catch up again. x3
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Thats happened quite a few times to me. Mainly with items that ore ONLY tagged with their name...
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Gro-grain and the King's goatee from that king thing. Seriously the layering capbilities are pretty magical <3

And grossly underused. mad

Prolly because it only comes in one color. Gaia should remedy this immediately.
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this happens to me with a lot of REALLY cool background items. unfortunately, i lack the gusto to use them properly so what usually winds up happening is that i buy them and they rot in my inventory.
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I had not realized that the icon poses for the Revolution RIG series items were not null poses, but were in fact also items like hats, tops and jewelry. They really should do something about that. I didn't find that out until Revolution Midnight that there was extra poses in all of my Revolution items.

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