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Desirable Vampire

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  • Pie Enabler 100
trinket heart victory x3

mythrill coin (1,000g)
peter pan
Puzzling pieces

the victories hate me. WTF!
Trinket heart victory x5

SDPlus Blind Box
Beloved Velveteen
Decadent Frosting x2

and for the life of me I can't remember what the fifth victory was o///o
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Frozen Shade

*sigh* this is my very first CI try
fail with the bear...got Pogo ponies

any tips how to play this thing?
do you play bundles to get victory?
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Friendly Gaian

Only had 2 Trinket Hearts.

First: Trinket Heart victory: Puppeteer.
Second: Trinket Heart doll fail: Helical trick.
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Fashionable Sex Symbol

First Victory: Sweet Porridge
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Dangerous Cutesmasher

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  • Hero 100
  • Magical Girl 50
I'm at the last stage..
Sould I open it?
Oh yeah.. I got 4 of the last stage ones and bailed: I got Classic, 2 Little Drummers, and Commedia. I also got the Royal thing from bailing.
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Dapper Cat

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Got Little Wagon after a fail with the bear emotion_donotwant
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Supportive Donator

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Kaede says:

Stage 4 - Fail: Strongman's Might
Stage 2 - Fail: Yo-Yo Mi
Stage 2 - Fail: Yo-Yo Mi
Stage 3 - Fail: Lucky Golden Peikko
Stage 4 - Fail: Sparkling Bright Lights
Stage 3 - Fail: Lucky Golden Peikko
Stage 2 - Fail: Yo-Yo Yu
Stage 3 - Fail: Lovers' Letters
Stage 2 - Fail: Yo-Yo Yu

I got to Stage 4 twice... I'm scared/not sure on what to do. ;_;
Oh - opened the two stage 4's.
I am always disappointed...

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Business Tycoon

5x Trinket Victories-
1- Puppeteer
2- Lady Luck
3- Riddle Me
4- Trestle Lurker
5- Riddle me

F*&% the last 3.. lol
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Demonic Medic

Stage 3 Forfeit:
Claude's Invisibility.
Dear God, after buying three separate trinket hearts (the first two fails at Dulcie) I got a victory on the third and got the SDPlus #418 Melody.

Third time's the charm in all of it's irony.
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Anxious Student

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
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IRL Lunatic

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  • Spirit Hoarder 500
Anyone know when you get Melodious Cantata?

I think the only way to get it is by getting a victory for the last battle.
I'm ashamed to say I even got 1 victory out of 14 tries. crying

I got a MANtis. A BLEEPING MANtis!!!!!!!!!!!! scream (sorry I'm still am kinda mad about that.)

Thankfully the first item I got was a Golden Aurela for failing at the Monkey Stage.
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ONE VICTORY AFTER 40 TRIES and I got a Weeping Wanderer, not even worth 300k. I am NOT a happy person right now. stare

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