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I'm hoping for mini angel- or devil-wings. Or some sort of halo.

But yeah, I'm careful with holding my hopes high.
As mentioned, Gaia loves to troll their users. I'd be not too surprised to get some weird stuff.

I didn't miss out a day. Aren't we supposed to get something additionally if we collected all items?
I remember them making such a promise in one christmas event too though, where they granted us a free item every day. Got them all, but there was never a option to exchange them for something xd

Uncle Kenny confirmed this is in another thread. You don't have to exchange anything unlike during the X-mas event (it was an alchemy thing.) No, you just had to pick up every item.

I'm guessing it's gonna be a DI/MC letter you can hold. I'm lowballin' it.

Aww maaan, I couldn't click on the first day so I just bought the corsage instead, does this mean I won't get the special grant? :c

I don't have super high hopes for tomorrow's item but I'm sure that no matter what they release, people will still make a fuss.
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maybe it will be an "i am gaia logo"

idk i just really want an i am item okay
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Shy Fatcat

Chances are it wont be halo or wings. Gaia likes to surprise us with the least expected.

Whatever it is, I hope it's something I can use for my avi lol
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Whatever it is, it's probably gonna be some junk item.
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Shattered Spectrum
If it's not an "i am lanzer" item, I'm leaving

no no it should be a peasant set recolor emotion_awesome

I would use a peasant set recolor rofl
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Backwings mde out of flame shirts! emotion_awesome
Can I place my gold on an "I Am" Rock Puppy?

Shattered Spectrum
no no it should be a peasant set recolor emotion_awesome

Golden Peasant clothing would be amusing as heck. xd
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Honestly, I'm not expecting too much from it. In 2003, from what I remember there weren't many good items or events on this site. It'll probably be just another throwback to that simple time.
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I missed the 12 item, so if Gaia soulbinds the 'big item' I'm boned.
Elsewise, someone'll be sellin' it on the MP.
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i hope it's something i can use u w u
maybe something like a mini halo for the 2003 item and some wings or something for those that collected all the items every day? i don't know u v u ;;
i really hope i can actually use it though- i've not really been able to use any of the items so far bar the boo skin.
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I seriously doubt it'll be wings considering what a potential cash cow those would be. The angel wings are pricey enough to make. There's no way they'd be wings.
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I seriously doubt wings or a halo or anything extravagant. MAYBE we'll get a halo or wings brooch, but since we already have the rose pin, even that's doubtful. I'm still curious, and whatever it does happen to be I'll like just because it's a free item. I just hope I can use it more than I can use the DVD from my joining year. :P
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They will not re-release any items do do with a mega expensive items, so back wings, halo's are not very likely.
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King Blackwater
They will not re-release any items do do with a mega expensive items, so back wings, halo's are not very likely.
Could never be too sure. ninja

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